Vanessa Hudgens new film is called “Beastly.” This movie is a re-vamp version, or should I call it a modern version of a Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Vanessa has proven everyone that she is a good actor in the film “Bandslam” which got a good score on Rottentomatoes! So will her acting hold up in this film? I think so!

Vanessa, 21, shared, “I’ve always been a fan of the story and we’re taking it and putting a modern twist, an edgier feel on it.”

Beastly, also stars Mary-Kate Olsen and Neil Patrick Harris, which opens July 30th.

Looking at the picture above, you can see Vanessa Hudgens taking a kissy-pose picture with Alex Pettyfer and Billy Bush of Access Hollywood as they talk about the new upcoming movie, Beastly. Check out their conversation below:

Source: accesshollywood