Last month, Starship Entertainment revealed that they would be pioneering a new four-member girl group in April. Although no word on an actual debut has been mentioned just yet, Starship has recently released a clip of SISTAR member Hyo Rin. Many believe that this clip is her audition clip for the company.

Covering Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt,” Hyo Rin did an overall decent job. Some parts sounded a bit forced, but her technique is good, and it’s still a lot better than most other girl group members in the current industry (save for a select few…). In addition, if this is indeed an audition clip, then I imagine that she has gotten far better due to vocal training in preparation for a debut.

Despite speculation that this is a “2NE1 copy group,” I’m still very much excited for this group. Is another 2NE1 really a bad thing? I think not. As long as they’ve got the music and talent to back it up, I’m more than willing to accept them into my circle of stars.

What do you guys think?

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ugh i wasnt dont also she did a really good job she has a really really pretty voice i think the song matches her really well like she has the right voice to pull it off

i’ve never heard of star ship entertainment

xhabb - 04/22/10 11:25 am

She’s good~ Nice voice~ :D

I’m anticipating for SISTAR~

I am too :D

Yup The high parts sound kinda forced but I like her voice ^^

She’s good~ Nice voice~ :D

I’m anticipating for SISTAR~

OMG!!! Beautiful voiceeee!!! Very talented!!
The first part made me laugh...XDDD

^ i agree, and hopefully something fresh and new instead of the same ol’

She seems to have a nice voice. I’m waiting for the debut, hope that this band won’t disappoint

^ yeah, much much better now

Wow her voice is a lot better than I thought it’d be but like you said if its her audition videos she’s probably MUCH better now

Is SISTAR a new group?

she3’s okay..

Her voice is nice smile And yup, She did a great job! ^^ I’m looking forward to hear more from SISTAR.

The turning in the beginning is kinda funny raspberry

the beginning made me laugh a little with all the turning lol, and yay for it not being another rihanna cover XD i think she did a good job, thats defintely not an easy song to sing

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