What can be more scandalous than a leaked sex tape? The unfortunate Kpop singer whose sex tape has been leaked to the general public has been identified by netizens! Guess who she is…

A video file of a celebrity having sex with an unknown man has been released online since last weekend and it quickly became a hot topic among netizens in no time. Because the video clip has been recorded portrait style and not the typical landscape, it is highly likely that it was shot using a phone camera.

MoneyToday Star News had a phone interview on April 21st, during which a representative of the celeb’s company stated, “After watching the sex tape, we approached “A” (the celeb) directly and asked her if she was the girl in the video. “A” replied that it is 100% not her.”

The representative added, “If you look closely at the video, anyone will be able to easily see that it is indeed not “A.”

Even when the rep and the celeb said so, netizens are certain that “A” is none other than singer Ivy after watching the leaked file themselves.

Ivy has once been engaged in a scandal a couple of years ago with her ex-boyfriend and a model by the name of “Yoo.” He blackmailed Ivy with a sex tape for an amount of $45,000. Although no such tape ever surfaced, the scandal caused Ivy to step away from her career as a singer for awhile. Later, “Yoo” was sentenced to one year in jail and two years on probation.

A cap of the sex tape:

WARNING: Viewer discretion advised.
Click here.

Source: Allkpop


Turns out the girl in the sex tape was NOT Ivy after all.

So who was it? The woman posing as Ivy is actually Chinese. The sex tape was confirmed to be an edited porn video. In the original video, Ivy couldn’t have been in the sex tape because the woman was speaking in Chinese and the background music was a Chinese song. The joker who tried to gain attention used advanced editing skills to edit out the Chinese music background.

Source: Popseoul

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Omg, I’m so glad that’s not Ivy @_@

good to know its not her.
That’s not a flattering picutre of her -_-

well thats a pretty provocative dance move but thats an extremely terrible thing to be blamed for

getting blame is real bad =/

poor her…

I didn’t watch it ..

Yeah, seriously...why would you want to do that to an artist? .__.

Poor Ivy. The person who edited the video is such a no-life. :(

^ I know :[
people just love creating unnecessary scandals, don’t they D:

Poor Ivy, always having scandals like this…

Oh man. That would’ve been horrible if it was her :X

oh man that is so sucky for Ivy D:

Why would you film yourself when you’re ... ?! XD Glad Ivy cleared this all up

tsss.... bad people T_T…

^ Yeah, really low…

I feel bad for Ivy =( At least, people now know that it’s not her.

oh gosh thats terrible. at least we know its not ivy.
why would anyone want to try frame a star just for attention.
thats so low >_<

I don’t have idea o.o”
Good that it’s not Ivy!

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