Ningin has been adding a lot of new users lately and I wanted to write a guide that will help you get to know us better. A lot of you find us because of our giveaways – we love giving out free stuff – but we’re more than your typical blog/news site. There are many other cool things about Ningin that you should know about. Things like:

Experience points (or EXP for short). This is measure of everything that you do on Ningin. It’s not some lame forum karma points or whatever other stuff they have on other sites. Your contributions here determine your status and ranking on Ningin and gives you an ever-increasing list of cool abilities. Besides points, you can win achievement pins for significant accomplishments, and we give out weekly prizes to our top EXP gatherers each and every week. We’ve been doing that for over a year now actually! For more information, please read our Definitive EXP Guide here.

Newsstream. Imagine an RSS reader with a giant list of KPOP, JPOP, Anime, drama, manga, and general Asian website. Now imagine people sorting through the thousands of stories each day produced by that giant list and picking out their favorite or useful ones. That’s what Newsstream does. It’s something you can be a part of and saves you a lot of time from visiting all these websites each day as well as filtering through all the stories by yourself.

Flash Games. Everyone plays games right? We have lots of flash games on Ningin. We run special events and tournaments around our flash games like, the DBSK Decathlon, the Super Junior Decathlon, KPOP Battles, and many more. We even created a whole league for our flash games which we called Mixr League Gaming. There’s at least one tournament every week. Participation in these tournaments earns your prizes and EXP not to mention a sense of camaraderie from other Ningin users!

Blogs. Our blogs are the most popular area of our site. We have a lot of funny and interesting writers that cover all aspects of Asian media like KPOP, JPOP, dramas, anime, manga, celeb gossip, video games, random news, you name it! We also do a lot of interviews with actors and pop stars as well as big editorial features.

Prizes, Prizes, and more Prizes. Everyone loves free stuff! We always have a lot to giveaway! That’s why we have around 4-5 giveaways PER WEEK on Ningin. The prizes range from posters and albums to bigger stuff like DVD sets and photobooks. We also give out crazily big prizes like game consoles and autographed giveaway from your favorite idols! If you don’t visit Ningin daily you seriously could miss an opportunity to win something. For more information on our giveaways, click here.

Mixr Network. Ningin is part of a network of sites with each focusing on different things. All of them are really cool and offer a lot of useful info. Your account on Ningin works on all the sites and you can earn EXP on all the sites. Plus, each has their own giveaway structure.

Community. We like to think that Ningin is more than just a website, rather we’re on an online community for Asian media. A community is part social network and part content (think stories and articles). Ningin has all of that and more. You can make a lot of good friends here. We actively monitor our sites for spammers and abuse. We also very much value and protect our users’ privacy. It’s an important goal of ours to make Ningin a safe place for people to express their opinions and to just have fun in general.

Future. We like to think that Ningin has a pretty talented group of developers that are always coming up with cool new applications and features. Not many websites can say that. We’re constantly growing and getting bigger and better than we already are. We’re here to stay and we hope you’ll stay with us as we grow.

For a comprehensive glossary of all the different words and terms we use on Ningin, check out our Ningin Glossary!

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thanks for this guide <33

thanks for this information..

This helps a lot. But can somebody help me!! Im stuck at level 1 and it says the same thing. :[ I thought everything i do i get EXP or pins for but it hasnt changed at all!

thanks~ I guess I better check Ningin everyday^^

this is so helpful! thanks for sharing!

I’m a newbie and reading this really helps smile

thx for posting this. starting to like this page :D

Thanks for posting this, it was very useful smile

what’s up with the ‘level’ and all the ‘pins’? i just don’t get me someone??

Tell us more about receiving will be send to us or do we have to go collect them ourselves ? I’m clueless :3

im new here. smile and i got a lot to learn. this is gonna be fun! hope i’ll make new friends here ^__^ ~fighting!

epic_eggroll - 03/09/11 10:16 pm

I am very stupid, but:
How do you set a profile pic...? lol… -o-”

trust me your not =P cuz im still trying to figure that out lol

i believe this would help me a lot--being a Ningin newbie and all.hope that i could also have a lot of friends here and get to know more abt my fave bands Super Junior and Shinee. Of course,one of the reasons why i join is i wanted to know news abt my Heechul and Taemin =)

BaboTokki - 03/01/11 2:43 am

how do i make a hidden post? do i just type the context of the post & it automatically hides it or something? /)^_^||


Ladymissk - 03/11/11 11:53 pm

If We Win A Prize Do We Have To Pay Any Taxes Or Anything?

No taxes will need to be paid.

smiile_twix - 03/14/11 12:30 am

what am i suppose to do for the kpop idol-off??

Play the selected games for the team you joined and hope your team wins. If you are on the winning team, you have a chance to win whatever prize it is fir that round.

dbsksuperjunior - 03/24/11 4:26 pm

I’m still a little confused with the badges ans stuff, why does it say that one badge is $1 and how do i earn more?

Pins have different values. An easy way to earn more is by being on the winning team for kpop idol off. You can also hover over someone else’s pins to see how to get them.

Dena92 - 04/01/11 6:33 am

i want to ask,,how i want to know how many my reward points so i can redeem??

It states in the rewards center. Each item has a different value.

just made a new account :(
got some problems with the other one :(

i want to ask,,how i want to know how many my reward points so i can redeem??

i don’t understand.. how could you recognize my twitter?

I’m still a little confused with the badges ans stuff, why does it say that one badge is $1 and how do i earn more?

really a newbie here..

what am i suppose to do for the kpop idol-off??

i think they stated it that there will be no taxes??
i thought i read it.

If We Win A Prize Do We Have To Pay Any Taxes Or Anything? 

I am very stupid, but:
How do you set a profile pic...? lol… -o-”

so.. are exp points used in the reward center? 

how do i delete something i’ve posted?
i’m new here and honestly quite clueless..

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