In Taiwan, a ranking officer and a soldier were bored doing their daily chores and decided to pay two other soldiers to perform oral sex on each other for their entertainment.

This incident occurred on April 18 when the soldiers were preparing for a drill. The two men doing their chores were able to pitch in about NT$500 (~16 USD) to pay their peers to perform oral sex on each other.

The two accepted the offer and did it in front of a laughing and cheering crowd of soldiers. The military did not like this at all. The four main players of the incident were charged with engaging in forced and public acts that were sexual in nature. The rest of the soldiers who watched the scene and did nothing about it were grounded.

What a strange way to entertain oneself. If they wanted to humiliate people for their entertainment, they could have made them do something else (not that I’m encouraging it). I don’t see the “fun” in watching two guys doing fellatio on each other. I think the guys who paid them enjoyed the scene for more than just the laughs…