Hold the phone! If you’re unfamiliar with E.Via and are expecting a cutesy music video when you hit play, let me just tell you, looks can be deceiving. E.Via, as sweet as she may look, is in fact a rapper. Mmhmm. And not your typical K-pop rapper, either. She’s got balls of steel and has the will to prance into no-man’s land, guns blazing. Just to give you a taste of what I mean by no-man’s land, have a quick listen to her infamous song, ‘Oppa, Can I Do It?‘ (Link), E.Via’s one way ticket to a 19+ censorship.

With a song like that, you can pretty much assume that she could care less about what people think of her. And with that attitude, E.Via brings us her latest single, ‘Shake‘. Get your dollah bills out:

This song is the title track to her recently released mini-album, “Must Have” to be honest, I can’t help but find all that she has to offer kind of comical. The irony in her appearance alone is hysterical - cute image, raunchy attitude. Musically, I have no complaints. You have to give it to E.Via. She knows how to lay down some sick beats and the speedometer on her rapping skills read pretty high up there.

If you can look past the lewdness on the surface, give Must Have a listen ; it’s creative, slick, catchy and fun to listen to. I would recommend giving Sonyeo eui soonjung(Feat. Mad Clown) and Hongdae apeh ohmyeon (Call Me Up!) a listen because they’re actually really good songs.

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The lyrics are kinda........... o.0
But the music is good

“come do me right now” o_o oh goodness -face palm-

AnabelStars - 05/05/10 9:34 pm
Siralop7 - 05/04/10 6:32 pm

I like the concept of the video-very funny but once you read the lyrics, you’re on the floor. LMFAO

on the floor.... shaking it? XD

“I wanna ‘la-la!’ In the kitchen on the floor...” *COUGH*

Siralop7 - 05/04/10 6:32 pm

I like the concept of the video-very funny but once you read the lyrics, you’re on the floor. LMFAO

on the floor.... shaking it? XD

throughout the video you get to see butts shaking. XD

this song gets addicting after a while T_T

Great rapping. Great video. What else can you ask for?

I like the concept of the video-very funny but once you read the lyrics, you’re on the floor. LMFAO

^ haha i can see how you thought that XD

I thought she’s Jan Di from Boys Over Flowers XD

19+ wow....

lol i like that song lol shes so cute i’ve never heard of her until now though lol and she raps supper fast

im foreshadowing that mv will get banned again! ;(
*i kinda feel bad for her cuz i bet her company knows how korea is very strict but they still give her these mv D;* -hopefully this wont get banned-

She’s a really cute girl ^^

oh wow. this is funny.

The picture up there is soooo cuute. I love the song, btw smile

This was quite interesting, haha.

I am sure that the butt shaking offensiveness has to do with culture.  This is nothing compared to videos you see in the states.  I still think that the video lacked creativeness.  Other than that… I liked the song.

The song’s got a cute feel to it and I love the speed rap but I just thought the mv could’ve been better than a few girls shaking their butts XD

LOL at the mv, the song’s nice.smile

it’s already been banned. the mv. not the song though. i can tell she’s talented but too much butt-shaking. lol^^

Nice song! But I don’t like this mv… XD
And really, she doesn’t care about what people think of her!!
I am sure about it xD

wow… that one song.. “oppa, can i do it?” kinda reminds me of lil’ mama…
hehehe smile
very similar styles raspberry
(and voices XD)

cute song :D

This girl’s rapping skill is awesome, but I don’t like the MV ~.~


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