Just a day ago, it was announced on Primadonna Japan’s website that FT Island’s Flower Rock MV would officially be released April 30 on M-ON TV. Well, Primadonnas, rejoice, ’cause it’s here!

I know, it’s been a long time since we last heard from these guys. FT Island have been relatively absent from the limelight in Korea (and they kind of still are), but regardless, if they’re in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Outer Space, or wherever…hearing anything new from this band is exciting.

Flower Rock is an uptempo song. It’s suitable for the summer, much like their previous Japanese single (Raining) was fit for the winter season. Having watched plenty of FT Island videos, I know for a fact that Lee Hongki’s English isn’t as proficient as he’d like to admit. Fans even call it Honglish, but he must really like to challenge himself because there is enough Honglish in this song to go around. Granted, I can’t decipher some of the words he’s singing, but English or no English, this song is good. I love how it just explodes at the end.

It took more than one go, but after I waited forever, I can say that I’m absolutely satisfied with this song. As for the music video, well, they better not think of doing that in real life ’cause Primadonnas everywhere have grown restless just waiting for their next move.

Are you fellow Ningin readers feeling it, too?

source: HongkiMusicWorld@ youtube

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haha yeah i was happy when i saw flowerrock up in the trends XD

hahaha of course! i squealed so hard the 1st couple seconds, covered my face in absolute excitement. tweeted 2,000 times at least #flowerrock to trend at 4th on twitter. then i watched the whole thing for a day straight. i love how fti’s gone super rock now! yeyah! i missed them so much my no.1 band! XD

yayayaayay!!!!!!!!!! FTI fighting!:)<3

im so happy there coming out with another album i cant wait

Hongki’s voice is very powerful!

“Everybody Handsome!”

Love it! <3

I really love it!! So cool song!! *_*

I love it! Nice wigs ^^;

<3 this song!
Hongki tried his best…
they are cute in the cleaner uniforms..
everybody hands up!!

Happy pri happy pri <3 shalalala

Aw FT Island! ♥ I love Hongki’s voice =)

go go go go FT ISLAND!

Wonderful song!!! *_* I like it very much!!

Great song to officially start their Jpop career. I hope Japan will like it as well.

Yay finally something new from FT Island! ^_^ I love it =D
lol at the end of the video XD

Oooo! It’s finally out!! ^^ Haha the Afro wig and moustaches kekeke and omg omg omg I loooove Hongki’s voice in this song!!!! I love his energy in the song!!!

oh FT Island. It amazes me how amazing they are.
the wigs, the freakin wigs XD

aww man! m first comment disappeared :O oh wells.
im feeling this song <333 i am really loving it~ it sound so ft island but more like they upgraded XDD as for hongki’s honglish, im liking it too XD i think its pretty cute raspberry
but kinda sad but jonghun doesnt have that much camera time D: oh wells. i still love this song :DD

i love it. I feel in love with hong ki’s voicee…
I’m just dazing out right now !

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