A man in Sichuan province of China died from injuries after an eel was inserted into his rectum.

The 59 year old chef was taken to the hospital after complaining about abdominal pain, dehydration and anal bleeding. He was in a state of shock. Doctors decided to do an incision in his belly to see what the problem was. It was soon discovered that a 50 centimeter long (~20 inches) Asian swamp eel was stuck inside his rectum.

The eel was dead when they discovered it but it had already eaten part of the man’s innards before it died. The man was in intensive care for 10 days before he passed away from the injuries.

How did the eel get inside his body anyway? It was reported that he was eating a lot of eel the day before he went to the hospital but that couldn’t have been the reason. People suspect that when he was out drinking with friends, he passed out and the eel was inserted into him for his friends’ amusement. The case is still under investigation.

This is just disturbing beyond words. I can’t imagine the pain the man must have felt. And if his friends really did insert the eel in him, why would they do that?! Couldn’t they just have drawn on his face or shaved his head? Putting an eel up someone’s butt is not funny.


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wow thats extremely terrible like wow well if it was his friends doings then i bet they feel horrible but maybe he was out swiming or snorkeling and the eel was bored but i hope hes at peace now

Wow, how stupid can you be? =/ Poor guy.

i’ve got no words for this.>.<

now an eel can be very dangerous...> ~ <

OMG!!!! Weird… x-x’’’ I have never heard about it!! Disturbing!!

This is all sorts of messed up.

eek. I hope his friends feel beyond guilty. Omgsh. It must have been very painful >_<; RIP.

Omg, poor man.That’s disgusting.How could his “friends” do that to him, if ever they did.Man, this is so not funny. :|

omg that’s horrible! and he’s almost 60! how old are his friends!?

totally disturbing… some friends he has there…

ugh! what’s so funny and amusing about inserting eels into....

yeah, hope he rests in peace.

oh my gosh!! :O the eating of the eel would be impossible or it might be if he was eating a real one! but he has some WEIRD, HORRIBLE FRIENDS! i mean insert an eel and see what happen!?!?! wow! people nowadays do anything for fun :OO hope he rest in peace!

Holy crap! That really sucks. How would you even begin explaining this to the man’s family? Oh man, hope those punks get in some serious trouble.

Eck, I agree suzanne, horrible prank. I can’t even look at eels rightnow >__> THen again, i probably won’t have to yet ;D But I’ll probably remember this story every time i see an eel or a snake even >>

OMG! That’s crazy! Poor man, if his so called friends really did it, that’s really wrong.

I couldnt help but shake me head at this. I’ve NEVER heard of someone sticking a eel up someones butt.
Poor guy, he had to of gone through a lot of pain.

Oh my good, that’s just insane D:, poor man.

It’ll be awful if his friends really did that. They could go to prision D:.

maybe they wanted to do April Fool.
yeah..it’s too fool to do that.

That’s so gross and sick. Putting eel in somebody’s butt. Then died… not too funny

Omgossh, that’s harsh .. Seriously why owuld friends do that?
It’s disgusting but.. i feel really sorry for the man.

now there are too many weird ways for people to have fun..
afterwards there’s no fun at all.
his friends should be very very sorry if they really did insert the eel.
they have killed their own friend..

I feel really sorry for the guy...That is one way of dying that I wouldn’t like..
If his friends really did that then I guess his “friends” were pervs? or maybe gays?!

I bet his friends wouldn’t look at an EEL now… tsk tsk.. They’re not funny at all.

...That’s a horrible prank to play on someone. I still can’t get over the fact that it was a huge eel and that it ate some of his innards. >___<

IC3_K155 - 04/29/10 9:07 pm

People who are drunk can be very scary and dangerous O.o But seriously?! A whole eel?! Is that possible?! Great friends they were psshhh =3= Poor guy D= R.I.P

Yeah, everytime I’ve tried to figure this out, I gross myself out just thinking about it!

eww why of all things an eel into the butt o_0

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