As many of you know, DBSK has halted all their group activities for an indefinite amount of time. Shortly afterwards, it was announced that Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong had signed an exclusive contract with AVEX and would be performing together under a single unit…without Changmin or Yunho. Plans for a concert named Thanksgiving Live in Dome (appropriately named for the trio to give their thanks to the fans for waiting patiently for them) were also announced, which would take place in June:

June 5 – 6th @ Osaka Kyocera Dome
June 12 – 13th @ Tokyo Dome

Although the news was certainly disheartening, fans such as myself found solace in the fact that the trio would be performing on stage again, pursuing their dreams once more and bringing the gift of their music back to their fans amidst the somber silence that had settled during their absence from the music scene.

However, it seems as though this concert did not work out as planned, according to some Japanese blogs. The concert’s tickets were sold through a lottery system. According to Max Matsuura, the CEO of AVEX, over a million applications were received. The bad news? It turns out that many people applied (and won), only to immediately go onto Japanese auction sites to resell the tickets while simultaneously inflating their value. Some sellers have more than one tickets for sale, because they applied for the lottery under their friends’ names. For the fans that simply wanted to buy the tickets instantly, without the hassle of bidding, the price was 10000 yen, which is approximately $1080 USD. Look, I’m a die-hard fan of DBSK–I admit it…but even I wouldn’t pay that much for a ticket! At Ticket Ryutsu, there were tickets going for 15000 yen, which is approximately $1630 USD. What’s even more shocking is that these ticket prices are actually being negotiated!

In light of the deluge of complaints that are most likely making their way to AVEX right now and the protests being sent through Twitter, Max Matsuura has confirmed that 90% of the tickets have gone to BigEast members. This in itself is just really horrible. Did people join BigEast just to exploit DBSK for money? It certainly seems this way. We really don’t need another repeat of SM Entertainment. There was even a mother who encouraged her daughter to join the auctioning of tickets as she claimed that “it is better than to gain money from morally questionable places.”

Joining the fanclub and/or buying tickets just to make a profit is just wrong and unfair to all the people who actually love DBSK. I really hope that this can all somehow be resolved and true fans of DBSK can attend the concert without getting severely ripped off, though I’m not sure what AVEX can do at this point besides declaring all the the tickets invalid and either 1) sell the tickets in a different way or 2) redo the lottery, which probably wouldn’t solve the problem. (And then all the true fans that got tickets during the first round would be unhappy.) There would be conflict either way and you can’t please everyone, but the way this turned out just seems so very wrong to me.

What do you guys think about this? Do you think there are any possible solutions for AVEX?

(Thanks for bearing with me on this extremely long blog post!)

Sources: DBSKnights and allkpop