Big Bang member T.O.P. from YG Entertainment recently attended a memorial service for the victims of the tragic Cheonan ship sinking that occurred a couple of weeks ago ago. T.O.P. was joined by his fellow cast-mates from the upcoming movie entitled 71 - Into the Fire.

A solemn T.O.P. told reporters that, “I feel even more sympathy towards the victims because their ages were similar to mine. I hope the younger people and the victims’ friends take the time to remember and commemorate the victims.” Regarding the upcoming movie, he said that, “This year is the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. Through the movie, I hope to share its deep meaning with the younger generation.

Also in attendance were actor Cha Seung Won, producer Jung Tae Won, director Lee Jae Hwan and Korean Film Council chairperson Jo Hee Moon.

It’s great to see that the young idols in Korea still recognize and respect those that have given their lives for the betterment and safety of their home country.

Source: Asianfanatics