Last week, PLEDIS Entertainment, the managing company in charge of Korean pop group After School, released a statement regarding the plagiarism accusations by choreographer Camillo Lauricella. In the PLEDIS statement was a claim that the so-called “plagiarism” was mere coincidence. Well, Mr. Lauricella had something to say about that.

He posted a video yesterday expressing his feelings about the issue in a very calm and respectful manner. Lauricella provides evidence of multiple plagiarism scenarios and berates PLEDIS for its irresponsible actions. He emphasizes that he does not blame After School but their choreographers.

Very well done, Mr. Lauricella. Well played.

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very well

and im like lol

Bellamocha - 05/01/10 9:18 am

This could all be solved in one simple step..well maybe two...Ask to use someones work before you use it and give credit.  Problem solved…

i agree with you its not that hard to ask

This could all be solved in one simple step..well maybe two...Ask to use someones work before you use it and give credit.  Problem solved…

Yeah, you go camillo!

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH HIM! Yes, finally with a straight a mind !!
Like, seriouslyy.. Jeezes, it’s the choreographers fault! NOT After School neither Camillo!

Camillo YOU GO MAN! i totally agree with him! people make such a big deal out if such a small thing -.-

Yeah Camillo! You go tell them!!! >=D Those entertainments need to learn about admitting to plagiarism man!

Sighh . This isnt the first time either.

I’m a fan of After School, but I find that their entertainment company´╗┐ Pledis is being really childish by not admitting that they had plagiarized your dance moves. It’s clear to me and anyone else who has compared videos that they have.

For what I know Pledis Entertainment isn’t a big company so they should know that being a (somehow) a small ent, is better not to create scandals.

From the statement I understand that they DO NOT respect someone’s work ... dissapointing. I’m sorry for After School, bcs the girls are in this mess

Yup, very well said and respectful. I hope that he’s going to win his cause.

Seriously, I’ll be glad when all of those plagiarisms accusations will stop. Can’t the companies make their own choregraphy/music for their artists and stop taking other people’s work?

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