In the world of K-Pop, it seems as though talent is sometimes forced to lurk in the shadows of popularity. This certainly seems to be true in the case of Dia, a 19-year old Korean singer who has an amazing voice, but is still relatively unknown compared to the big name idols who dominate the music industry. Heck, the poor girl doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page (or at least, not one that I could find) and she mostly sings covers of other artist’s songs due to the lack of her own—I believe she has only released two mini albums thus far. The covers are awesome by the way; I highly recommend checking them out on Youtube.

In light of the recent Cheonan ship sinking tragedy, Dia wrote the lyrics to a new song, Goodbye, to commemorate the victims of the incident. She stated:

There were so much bad news like the Cheonan tragedy in 2010. It must be so difficult to let go of someone you love so much…. When I heard about stories of those who had to go through these tragedies, I wrote these lyrics spontaneously because I wanted to sing from their point of view. I lack in skill, but the fact that so many people are listening to the song tells me that they feel the same way. I hope these feelings will help alleviate the families of the victims even a little. If the album is officially released, I would like to donate all its profits to the Cheonan charity.

You can listen to the song here:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a version with English subtitles, so we’ll just have to make due with understanding by listening to the emotions that Dia clearly conveys with her voice while singing this song. That’s what I really love about music—language barriers don’t mean anything, because at the core of the song is human emotion, which we can all relate to. The phrasing, dynamics, and above all, Dia’s voice really help emphasize the raw passion behind her lyrics. She really is too modest, especially when she claimed that she “lack[s] in skill.” This song is simply gorgeous.

What do you guys think of the song?

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this is really nice.<3

^yeah it is. SHe’s such a kind person

this song is so beautiful this was nice of her

Yeah, that’s so nice of her to do that.

You’ll be blessed someday, too!

It’s a touching song. Pray for the victims..

That’s so sweet of her to write the the lyrics to this song. It was thoughtful and emotional<3 She said that she lacks in skill? xD That’s a lieee. She’s such a great singer, so passionate.

Tehehe suzanne. Music is a universal language. It is one that everyone can understand relate to. ANd it requires to no special training or skill to understand the underlying message of the song. Music is just that special<3

She’s so thoughtful and nice, donating and helping out. I love her voice in this song and yh I agree Dia is really underated she’s such a greater singer. Victims R.I.P

That was sweet of her.

She’s so talented, her voice is amazing. Definitely underrated, Dia deserves so much more attention! She seems to be so generous and modest too! Alright, I’m a fan now x3!

Such a beautiful song and a great voice too *-*. She’s so underrated, but she has such a powerful voice ><. Wish her the best~

I didn’t know about her.
Her voice is amazing and the song is good. Nice of her to donate the profits to the charity.

This song is nice. Dia is beautiful in not only appearance but also spirit!

OMG!! Beautiful voiceeeee *_* Amazing!! Sad that she is not known >_> She deserves it more than some artists..!

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