When I first started watching Iris, it jumped right into the action, and I had no idea what was going on. I thought I got the wrong episode!

It started with Hyun Joon (Lee Byung Hun) assassinating someone. Then he gets shot and passes out, and I’m pretty sure there is a time jump backwards. It then goes to when he goes back to school and meets a girl he doesn’t know (Kim Tae Hee), falls in love, doesn’t know her name, and then his best friend/older brother/army buddy falls for her too. Sa Woo and Hyun Joon are hilarious in all the scenes in the army, and you can tell they are super close with all the shirtless scenes that I didn’t mind too much (or at all).

Then one night an upper ranking officer takes Sa Woo and Hyun Joon to this weird place which happens to be run by Sa Woo’s Sunbae (who is suppose to own a business) and Kim Tae Hee’s character (we still don’t know her name). This is the NSS. Chemicals are forced in their bodies to see if they can resist, and Hyun Joon (with all his massive glory) breaks the holds and proceeds to try and break a chair through the window. At the end, Sa Woo and Hyun Joon are sitting in two chairs when the head honcho comes in and tells them “Welcome to the NSS.”

Episode 2 Predictions: Obviously Hyun Joon and Kim Tae Hee will have some sort of romantic relationship. I also think that Sa Woo and Hyun Joon will be separated some how. For all the Big Bang and TOP lovers, TOP is going to be spitting some hot English. (I saw it in the preview.)

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This is a really good drama…

watched only 1st episode...wink)
seemed interesting but now don’t have much time to do that ^^

I wanna watch it!

I still havent seen this! This is still on my list though (:

Yes! the first episode is really electrifying and heartbeating!! haha so thrilling!! smile oh that traitor Sawoo!! hahaha Yea..i remember TOP’s first words on IRIS --- “YEAH! I’M ON MAH WAY!” ~~ WAAAH!! OH SOOO HOT!! And the way he said it?? *oh dies

OH MY GOD. I think i spammed here! i accidentally pressed the ‘submit reply’ button lots of times. I’m really sorry!


When I first saw episode 1 I thought the same.. wth… did I download the right one? wait… what happened? wasn’t he shot, why is he going to school now???!! xD but I got it xD
I wanted to see it just cuz of TOP but ended up staying just cuz of everything xD and Lee Byung Hun oppa, he’s the coolest *O*

Iriss~ loving it :D

Iris was really good :D


Yes! Yes! >.< I can’t wait to see more of TOP in this ^o^ !!!

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