For a few months now, Ningin bloggers have been supplying you with a song of the day, video of the day, and a photo of the day. We’re now opening it up to user contributions as mentioned in our Blog Games announcement. If one of your song, video or photo suggestion is used, we’ll give you 100 EXP points! All you have to do is suggest a link.

Look for this graphic on the side area of our homepage and our blog pages.

Click on it, and fill out the simple 2 step form. That’s it! We’re curious as to what you guys might suggest. It’s not just limited to songs, videos, and photos. You can send us trivia questions to use in our Trivia Blog Games, photos for our Caption Games, or just news link that we should blog about. You’ll get EXP points for each of these things!

Update: With the addition of our Reward Center, suggesting a link also earns you Reward Points to use to redeem free items!

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i like…

love it…

Hehe nice~

woo, this sounds fun :D

wow. nice.

woot woot! im excited! :DD

this is great!

awesome pretty 100 exp pts :D

Ohh anoither way for exp cool !

This is soo cool!!  I hope my suggestions can get accepted

This sounds fun! I hope everyone sends in lots of things. It’s nice that people can submit trivia questions too, haha. ^^

Where do the suggestions wind up going, by the way? That is if regular bloggers are going to be covering the suggestions?

Woohooo! Thanks for the updates ^___^ A moment ago I thought I was seeing things XD

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