What a super week it’s been for us all! By super, I mean Super Junior Decathlon. This week will see the end of the Super Junior Decathlon, and the beginning of the Wonder Girls & 2PM Decathlon. No rest for anyone here! The same could be said for the top 20 users of the week:

Congratulations FryThatLumpia and hana_jaejoong for scoring last week’s weekly EXP prize of After School Bang! albums! Rounding out last week’s top 20 are GSwizzie, Kizuninha, nearnine, karens2, , ohmygoddenise, IC3_K155, yukibunni, mmsamii, ndhaa, Niecydc, SuzanneLin, Rosey, itsatlex, dArK06pRiNcEsS, kuryuuxx, dahlia, Bellamocha and conkwe. You guys are awesome — keep up the fabulous work!

Unsure of how to get yourself in the top 20? You’ll want to read our definitive EXP guide and FAQ. Also, be sure to read recent updates on our new method of determining EXP prize winners.

This week’s weekly EXP prize? Super Junior Bonamana posters! (Version A)

Pin challenges: Super Junior pin challenges II, III and IV

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