Ever since its debut, Big Bang has quickly risen to the top and is continuing to earn the top spots in whatever they do. You would think that popularity would make these guys cocky and jealous of each other…but not in Taeyang’s and G-Dragon’s case.

In the fourth interview with Asiae, Taeyang admitted, “We fought once. It was while playing basketball…”

Back then, Taeyang and G-Dragon played basketball against dancer trainees, who they kept losing to. With his natural competitive nature, Taeyang thought, “I’m going to win this,” but G-Dragon’s thoughts were, “This game isn’t even fair,” and wanted to quit.

Taeyang said, “We kept on losing and Jiyong (G-Dragon) said ‘Let’s just stop’ but I told him ‘Let’s play until we win’. We eventually started to argue about whether we should play or not and then we started fighting.”

Is there less fighting because they both have a lot in common and are more comfortable with each other? No. But Taeyang revealed, “Jiyong has no fears when it comes to trying new things. I’m the type of person who has to think things through carefully. I think that’s part of the reason why we get along so well. I hold him back and Jiyong shows me things that I wouldn’t usually try.”

Even when it comes to picking out their food from a menu, Taeyang wants to eat “whatever is good” but G-Dragon has a more detailed menu inside his mind where he thinks, “for this occasion you eat this and for that occasion, you eat that.” (We think our source got their names mixed up here.)

“I’m indecisive, so I can’t pick things so easily. But Jiyong isn’t like that. Even so, we still respect each other [in our decisions]. When I see Jiyong, there’s things that I naturally accept about him and vice versa. I really think that I have no other [close] friends besides Jiyong nowadays.”

Ever since their trainee days these two have become close friends and have been there to comfort and cheer each other on through the rough times. Because of their friendship, they are never lonely while working in the entertainment business. “While we’re working, there’s definitely times when we clash. But like it or not, I think Jiyong and I have done well so far.”

Their friendship is certainly a special one. Many guys don’t even have the guts to show some bromance with their friends! I say Taeyang and G-Dragon really make a dream team of Kpop.


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awhh, thats awesome how close they are ^__^ +the pics are soo cuute,

ngaw its nice to see idol groups so close to each other ^^
bromance <3

Good to see their close friendship..wink

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OMG!!! These photos are soo cute~~~@_@ I love see them together~~ so cute~~

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aww ,i like to see them together , love their friendship

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they look so adorable together!!! >.<

Aah~ GD and Taeyang, so adorable and epic together. ^^ =))

they look so young. so adorable ~~~

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their so cute together

I like how they have their differences but look at how they love each other..

GDYB forever <3
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Totally handsome in the Esquire pic above.  Nice to hear they still have a good friendship.

aw, cute back then and ‘till now :]

Aww. The look totally cute in the first picture.

oohh i love these two!

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