Some conservative religious groups in South Korea are getting their panties in a bunch due to the recent rise of dramas that feature homosexual lifestyles. Conservative groups, as always, refuse to keep silent and are criticizing companies for airing such shows.

The Korean Association of Church Communication (KACC) said in a statement that, “Everybody knows that homosexual relationships are ‘not a social norm.’ A family should be made up of a man and a woman, with children being born and raised by a father and a mother. It is what the mighty God intended for humans… The problem with soap operas featuring gays is that homosexuality concerns only a small number of individuals. Most of us have nothing to do with it… Gays can pursue their own lifestyle privately. But when homosexuality is highlighted and glamorized by TV programs, it’s not a private matter anymore. Broadcasters must stop commercially exploiting the issue for the common good.”

In contrast to these negative religious views from some groups, there are Christian groups out there that actually want to help homosexuals gain the rights they deserve. Ching Yong Taek, spokesman for the Christian Institute for the 3rd Era, said that, “We do not hold a particular stance on this controversial issue. But we believe that everybody is equal before God and gays should not be discriminated against for their sexual preference… Their rights should be protected in a more institutionalized manner. We will take a range of measures to further publicize the issue.”

You know, I’ve got a solution for this: If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. Let other people enjoy their dramas!

What do you guys think? Should shows featuring homosexual couples be allowed to air on television?

Source: The Korea Times