After Kim Yeo Hee’s debut single album released, you better believe that I scooped it right up to give it a listen! Featuring just three tracks, I took my time on this one. Read on to see what I thought.

1. My Music [5/5]
This is easily my favorite track off of the single. The same music and voice that blew me away in the teaser are definitely present in this song. The song flows extremely well, and I was pleasantly surprised when there was a short rap part included into the song. Moreover, the feeling that you get from this song is a genuine feeling of love for music. This is a MUST listen!

2. Don’t Do It [4/5]
This track was not as good as the title track, but that being said, it’s still a nice listen. The chorus most definitely made this song for me. The verses were okay, but when you hit the chorus, the song suddenly becomes a lot better.

3. You [3/5]

Okay, so I guess you would call this track a “filler” track. With only three songs on the whole single, though, this is going to hurt the score a bit. It’s pretty mediocre, and there’s nothing really new here. It’s “just another pop song.” Meh.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Despite one song I wasn’t so crazy about, the single as a whole is actually pretty good. This is certainly a great start for Miss Kim Yeo Hee. I really would like to hear some more “power ballads” from her, because, well, she could pull it off really well.