There’s a new Kdrama brewing this month. Last week, SBS kicked off the premiere of its latest drama Coffee House and I’m loving every second of it. If you haven’t watched it yet, let me just tell you, you’re missing out!

‘Coffee House’ is a romantic comedy sketched out by 4 interesting characters. Kang Seung-Yeon (T-ara’s Ham Eun-jung) is a daydreamer who goes with the flow, and wherever she goes, embarrassment follows. For instance, in episode 1 (or page 1, as they’re named in this drama), she accidentally locks herself in a restroom. While she’s in there, Seung-yeon relieves her tummy aches by taking a dump only to realize that someone had arrived to cut open the door knob and set her free as she does so. Just picture that for a second.

Although Seung-yeon’s life is full of unfortunate events, she remains a complete optimist and is persistently ready to take on the world. She becomes Lee Jin-soo’s secretary, which seems like a nice step from the barista duties in her family’s coffee shop, but by episode/page 2, she is a far cry from being an average assistant.

At the age of 35, Lee Jin-Soo (played by Kang Jin-Hwan) is an accomplished novelist. He’s handsome, charming and hard-working. In public. Alone, we see a much more erratic personality. I wouldn’t say he’s cruel, but there is a definite level of sadism in his character that makes for good humor. In episode/page 3 He stuffs Seung-yeon in a suitcase for reasons only he could fathom. Along with his loony behavior, Jin-soo also has extremely high expectations for everything, from his coffee to the precise sharpness of his pencil. With a quirky grin, Jin-soo takes on the challenge of turning poor Seung-yeon into the pro who may one day reach the levels of perfection that he envisions in his mind. We’ll see how that plays out…

Seo Eun-young (portrayed by actress Park Shi-yeon) is the president of her own publishing company. She is a pretty businesswoman and Lee Jin-soo’s publisher. She’s very emotional but one thing she doesn’t lack is urgency. She acts quick when things start fumbling out of place. Eun-young and Jin-soo have an established relationship from page 1. They have each other’s backs, but when they’re not caught in a tight predicament, they peeve one another off left and right, kind of like a cat and dog do when they‘re placed in the same room. This very relationship comes in handy when Eun-young’s ex-fiance suddenly steps into the picture, pressuring her to make amends and start anew. She’s my favorite female lead at the moment for her canny ability to flip her PMS-switch on and off.

So far, Han Ji-won (actor Jung Woong-in) has repeatedly tried to show Eun-young the abundance of love he still has for her (be it by flattering her with a shower of roses or a surprise birthday bash), even after the fact that he ditched her for a friend. He’s a straightforward character and overly cheesy, but in a funny way. He announces in page 2 that he moved in next door to Eun-young’s publishing establishment in hopes to steadily creep back into her life as her lover. And speaking of creeping, you’ll notice Jin-won’s disturbing winks from time to time, generally directed to Eun-young (which she totally doesn’t find sexy).

The storyline is some-what generic, but it’s the situational comedy that’s worth savoring. The drama is only 4 pages in and, not to spoil any juicy details, there’s already some signs of what’s to come of the love triangle among the leads. Don’t miss your dose of caffeine! Drink it while it’s hot, Ninginers. I’ll be keeping up with ‘Coffee House’ and let me know if you are or plan on watching it. We can totally discuss it over an espresso macchiato. Who’s in?

Visit for subbed episodes. Coffee House airs Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS.