Only 4 days has passed since the conclusion of the Super Junior Decathlon and the commencement of the Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon. I don’t feel rested and I’m sure some of you aren’t either. But Ningin is just like Vegas in that the action never stops. Or you can say, we’re just like 2PM - Don’t Stop, Can’t Stop. I can go on, but let’s announce Day’s 1 game: Monkey’n'Bananas. Yes, we’re not monkeying around here…all down to business. On your mark. Get Set. Go!

Some things to remember:

1. Make sure your name is on the roster of eligible players! If not then you are not eligible to win prizes.

2. Only scores in the next 24 hours will count. Full rules and structure here.

3. In addition to the Wonder Girls / 2PM prizes, you’ll also be playing for these virtual pins (today is the chibi Junho pin) as well the random prizes. A 2PM or Wonder Girls poster will be awarded to the person that places first, each day.

4. Even if you don’t win today or finish in the top 10, it’s a 10-day long event. You can still make a comeback. A lot of people are good at different games and bad at others. Plus, playing games gives you EXP which goes toward our weekly EXP giveaways!

Technical issues & notes:
-Please upgrade to the latest version of Firefox which is 3.6.3. Older versions might have problems loading games properly. Me personally, I’ve switched to Google Chrome and loving it!
-If your game doesn’t load and is stuck at 0%, then just refresh your browser by typing ctrl+f5. This really only happens with Firefox.
-If you’re not sure your score submitted, check your score history. If it’s not there, then we have no record of it. Either submit the score again if the games lets you or play it again. You can also try posting a screenshot of your score in the comments section of this post, but don’t expect that to be automatically accepted. In fact, most likely it won’t.

Those new to Ningin should definitely get to know more about our EXP system and how it earns you lots of cool stuff! While you’re at it, take a read about all the cool things that Ningin does in our Newbie Intro Guide.

This blog post is part of the Wonder Girls / 2PM Decathlon.