Remember the good old times when you were laughing your butts off at the “Dirty Eyed Girls” video (parody of Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”)? Well how would you like a second round of that from our very own 2AM boys?!

Three of the 2AM members - Seulong, Jinwoon, and Changmin - all have their birthdays during May. Therefore the group held a joint birthday party at the Seoul Melon AX Hall on May 29th, during which Seulong mentioned the possibility of having a Dirty Eyed Girls Part 2 in the making.

He explained, “Because Jokwon dances well to Lady Gaga and Beyonce tracks, he and I are considering making a comic work for Dirty Eyed Girls Part 2.

While laughing, Seulong said, “We’re even thinking about filming it with our own expenses and showing it to our fans as a UCC video. If a broadcast company gives us an offer, we will accept no matter what.”

How would you like to see Dirty Eyed Girls 2…featuring Lady Gaga JoKwon and Beyonce Seulong?! I think that would be the most hilarious thing EVER!


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:O there’s gonna be another disturbing video of them, is that is? PG-rated OVELOAD!hahahahaha

Lol XD I remember Jo Kwon’s parts in the BEG Abracadabra’s parody xD Lol that totally made my day <3

i seriously can’t wait to see it! XD excited much to see kwon’s ssanti dance! ♥

dont think about it…
go and make now… hehe

haha..the most hilarious thing ever!
really looking forward to that.

Damn! Nice one! I’m so excited now XD

LOOOOL, AWESOMENESS. That’d be soo cool :D

The first one is hilarious! I’m really looking forward to it!

im so looking forward to it if ever <3 jo kwon never fails!

Haha, JoKown can DANCE well!

Keke really hope they do make a Dirty Eyed Girls part 2! they’re so hilarious~!! raspberry

winnielove1 - 05/31/10 9:27 pm

hahaha hopefully this time, they will invite 2pm

2PM was with them during the first DEG right? smile)

OMG!!! I love them even more!! XD
I really hope they get to! :D

keke ^^
looking foward to it..!!


hahaha hopefully this time, they will invite 2pm

LOL, they should do so , waiting for that :D

ooh! haha please please please!!!!!!!

Omg They should definitely!!!! ... Can they kinda revive Wild Bunny as well T^T


:OOO I would support that 8DD

yes they should !
the first one was so funny xD

ohhh that would be exciting!!!! gosh i love 2am

oh I would LOVE to see that!!
Please do it!

yes please ! dirty eyed girls was hilariousss ~
kekeke. can’t wait for this oneee.

I am sure everyone would love it. smile Would like to see it myself.

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