Cutesy confessions like these are tough to come by popular idols these days, but 2PM’s Taecyeon took the risk and said it! On the May 30th episode of SBS “Family Outing 2″, Taecyeon revealed the two SNSD members that have the biggest impression on him.

During the ‘memorable student field trip special’ of the show, the Wonder Girls, who are close to Taecyeon because they are from the same company, asked him, “Who do you like the best among the SNSD members?” When Taecyeon answered, “I liked Yuri first,” Sunye revealed, “That’s not true. He liked Yoona from the very beginning.”

Taecyeon then confessed, “I liked Yoona at the very beginning, and I like her the most even now.” When asked whom she would like to have a fake marriage with, Yoona created a strange mood saying, “It’s embarrassing that no one chose Taecyeon, I’ll choose Taecyeon-oppa.”

Great move, Taec! Don’t forget that many celebs have chosen YoonA as their ideal girl before so for her to choose Taecyeon back is gonna be a big blow on the others!


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he should’ve picked yuri, though :\ but nyeheheh, yoona’s loveable!

there so many people who love yoona…

I am sure they both can find someone with no problem anyway.

It looks like one-sided hahaha poor Taec

romance is in the air.. kekeke.. There are many guys who like Yoona, so jealous of her.

Yoona said she doesn’t know about this haha. omona. these 2.. i thought they were a fake couple from a perf. but it’s true? whoa

Aww, that was so cute. Taec must be so happy for being chosen by Yoona! =)

suddenly..feel that yuri is quite poor ;(

Yoona’s really pretty....
I just love her… But I’ll give her to Taec… They look really good together!

awwwww its so cute ^^ I really think they’re dating.

aww , they are so sweet , they’d make a cute couple

i think they just give the audience what they want..
keep the rumours up to keep the rating high…
who knows what they really think..

Taec!! date yoona pleaaase!! & get married soon!!!!

i like yoona with seungi better!

taecyeon needs to stick with sunmi !

I’ve never liked Yoona very much from the beginning O__O
I like the yongseo couple better ;D

this makes me sad T-T yoona needs to go away! xD stop seducing Taec! hahaha

i like taecyuri

Well~~ I don’t like this couple.. I prefer SoHeeChul XD haha~~

so jealous! lols.. lucky girl smile

Awwwwww x) So cute!!

Awww I actually believed them when they said they didn’t like each other on Strong Heart but seriously they do different stuff from what they say! Taec’s mine! Back off Yoona XD

i wonder if they’re dating. haha

ngaw i see a scandal raspberry
love fo xD

aiya ><’’ confused love triangle? octagon? square? decagon?

Hahah aw (: so much for just being just good friends ^^

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