Big Bang’s Taeyang to me is sounding a lot more like a troubled, emo character, just based on previous interviews. The latest dose of emo-ness from Taeyang comes from a recent interview with AsiaE where he reveals his dating issues and how much he really wants to have a girlfriend.

Aside from being, you know… a super busy popstar with hardly time for himself, Taeyang cites the fact that he over-analyzes everything often asking questions mostly girls only ask themselves: “What if it doesnt work out?” “Won’t it be a burden?” “What if he doesn’t like me?” (I mean, she. She.)

My advice to Taeyang would be to take a chill pill and get over yourself. He’s a popstar for crying out loud! Finding a woman is child’s play. Now, about that busy schedule issue — he’s kind of SOL there. No advice for him there, aside from quit Big Bang and get a normal job that’ll afford you time to date.

Do you guys have any dating advice for Taeyang? Can you relate to his dating issues?

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I remember he said in an interview that his first kiss was when he filmed the MV for My Girl where he had to kiss a girl for a scene. That’s so cute ><’’
Taeyang got plenty of girls chasing him around all day, but I’m sure he’ll meet his perfect girl one day smile

a good day will come!

Taeyang sounds so romantic keke ^^ Hope he finds the one!

i really hope he is able to meet that special person^.^
After reading this I also realized i am very much like taeyang, it kind of amazed me!

just follow the flow....

So beautiful this phrase… ^^~~ I want to meet someone like that too~~~

he seems like a deep person…

lol! he’s a pro!

he just needs to be himself,if a girl doesnt like him for who he is, then she isnt right for him(:

BIGBANG21PMBLAQ - 05/31/10 5:27 pm

i’m available. =)

haha I OBJECT! >=D

i’m available. =)

plenty of girls love him for who he is already so he doesn’t need to do anything to change ^^

just take it easy.. and let the universe deal with itself wink

Be yourself...there is someone for everyone.  Regardless of what you do in life, there is someone that will understand and be very supportive and may even travel with you from time to time. smile

Hmm~~ Be yourself ^^ You will find someone~~ Everybody has someone in this life ^^ Don’t worry and don’t be rush xD

he just need to relax and be himself ,and i guess no one could say no to him wink

Taeyang, i can be your girlfriend if you want to. hahaha! silly me. but seriously, I think no girl wouldn’t be attracted to him..

aww he is just needs to let go a little, once he stops looking for a gf he will get one!

I say ride the wave of fame for now. Love can come after you’re done making the bucks. grin

itsatlex said: lolol
taeyang just be yourself
every girl would love to be your girlfriend
you just have to watch out for those that are gonna use you

agree..!! ^^

taeyang just be yourself
every girl would love to be your girlfriend
you just have to watch out for those that are gonna use you

yeah...he is kind of person who over-analyzed everything..
he need to find a girl who can bring out playfullness side of him..
hope he will find someone suitable and best for him soon..! ^^

who wouldn’t love him?!
he really needs to give a shot!

poor taeyang~
I’m sure he can get a gf soon. because he’s hot lol

omg..idol is actually quite poor
because they can’t easily have a GF /BF

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