Taecyeon and Yoona are just milking the couple-rumors down to the last drop, no? On a recent episode of Family Outing 2, Taecyeon did the unthinkable and pulled off his shirt for Yoona during a variety game to express his interest. And by unthinkable, I mean predictable.

On Family Outing 2, special guest the Wonder Girls participated in a couples game in which they had to choose from an assorted group of guys, including Heechul, Taecyeon, Jokwon, Yoon Sang Hyun and Jang Dong Min as a male partner.

The male candidates were asked to perform a special somethin’-somethin’ for the ladies to woo their voting and on his turn, Taecyeon channeled Rain of all people to perform “Love Song”. Watch as this beastly man cranks up the heat with his body rolls and glittery outfit. He even hands her a nice perfume as a gift. Lovely.

Is it getting hot in here, or what?! I wonder how much longer these two can keep this couple-thing up. It’s all about those ratings, right!

Source: allkpop

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mizakiwa - 06/07/10 9:59 pm

Gah! They’re so adorable! I hope they get together ♥
Lol, I love Jokwon and Heechul xDD

Same here! ^^ Kwon and Hee! x)

lol cute! and yea he is FIT!!

sooo cute..
wish they would date…

Gah! They’re so adorable! I hope they get together ♥
Lol, I love Jokwon and Heechul xDD

hmm i wonder how things are going to turn out i wonder what they actually think ><”

OMG! I was totally squeeeeeaaaaling my head off when I first saw this >.< Taecyeon! You are the BEST! Omg >_< When he stripped ... I mean flashed his abs XD Omg!!! *nosebleeeeeeeeeeed* Yoona’s so lucky T__T If only that was for me!!! Psshh look at how happy she is >_> Even a birthday present O.O Taec noooo! Don’t fall for her! T__T Fall for meeeeeeee!!!

Kizuninha - 06/07/10 1:07 pm

I don’t know what to think.. oO”

You think Taec is HOT that’s what! ^___^

.___. This isn’t for real right, I think this is just for media attention.

Taecna? hmm

I don’t know what to think.. oO”

Thanks for the vid...LOVE IT!!  I like Yoona better when she is dancing to stuff like Janet rather than the girly dances they do.

wonder girls special >< and it focuses on Yoona-Taec. must have been the PD’s plan

i got second hand embarrassment just watching it >_<; and why was he so stiff doing the body rolls?

yoona was really blushing!

heenim and jokwon are really funny! they’d make a good tandem XD

lol his shoes are glittery
haha jokwon touching

yo his body rolls are good, but not as good as rain
original’s still the best

lol heechul and kwonnie in the corner

I love how Taecyeon imitated Rain. The dance is sooo hot! Yoona looks like she’s blushing. haha xD

hee. really likes her...~

Ahhhh his bodyyyy!!

Noooo Taec. Stop it. Ahahaha, I wanna be Yoona so much right now. >:)

although I wouldn’t really like it they should just date to stop teasing stuff like this and calm down x-x

omgoshh. I really hope they dont become a real couple :(

omg!! omg!!

xD looks like taecyeon doesnt care about the scandal issue anymore xD
there cute (:

Taecyeon and Yoona make a cute couple actually 8D

speechless..omg..what can i say ??0.0

Haha I thought he said a few days ago there was nothing between them ~

Yep, they really need to stop teasing… 2PM is all to myself ^_^

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