As if SNSD weren’t already everywhere in South Korea, it looks like the nine-member group is also setting their sights on the land of the rising sun! That’s right! Girls Generation is preparing for a debut in Japan at the end of the summer!

The group is planning on holding their first live Japanese concert in Japan later this summer on August 25th. After that, the girls will be collaborating with Universal Japan to produce their first Japanese language single which is set to hit in September. Will it be a remake? Or will it be something completely new? Let’s hope for the latter.

While I don’t fully relish the fact that SNSD may soon be everywhere I look (like Justin Bieber), I will admit that they surely have the credentials and fame necessary to break into a new market. With quite a firm grip on their home country already, the girls actually already have a style that will most likely appeal to the Japanese market. I mean, really… with a country as obsessed with cute girls as Japan, how can SNSD not succeed?

What do you think about this?

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Haha~~ I am really excited for Kara~~ ^^

Omg >__< Official debut! So exciting ~~~! They’re bound to get really popular in Japan ! I can see it all already ^^ Good luck !

Good luck to both SNSD and Kara.
I see some major girl group battling in Japan, haha.

Oh I’m so excited for both of these groups !
I hope they both do well in Japan ! ^__^

Sooyoung will show her thing!!
GO SNSD!! <3

Hope their Japanese wouldn’t be as bad as 4minute’s ^^; Everyone will looove SNSD!!! Spread the Sowon love ~

awww SNSD leaving soon - but i can’t wait to hear the success come pouring out :]
Fall in Japan will be SNSD. haha but I wonder what single they are doing :3

end of summer? i thought they’d be going in may hence the absence from kmf this year ):
anyway, good luck to them though i doubt they need any.
9 sexy gorgeous women, who wouldn’t like them!
i’m sure they’ll do great.

lina - 06/12/10 7:00 am

can they speak Japanese ?

I think one member, Sooyung, is fluent in Japanese. She debuted in Japan before her addition to SNSD.

can they speak Japanese ?

Good luck on their concert! The Japanese will definitely support them. I already heard Tiffany spoke in Japanese.haha..hmm, what would it feel like to hear them sing a Japanese song? Looking forward to it..♥

SNSD hwaiting! xD

yay snsd wonder what songs they will release they should have more english songs they speak pretty good english

mmm wonder if they’ll hav any jap songs raspberry

Can’t wait for this!

Nice~~ good luck to them in Japan!!! smile

hmm.. japan loves them really..

I’m sure they already have fans over in Japan...forsure! late...later than my expect XDD

goodluck to them!!

So, no Avex, right?

always debuting in Japan,

well i wish them good luck!

Hope they succeed in Japan! And don’t forget to visit the Philippines soon! >.<

hmm I wish them good luck smile

Wish them the best of luck!!  Hopefully they do come out with a new song or they may choose one of their own that was already really popular there.

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