Update No. 4 of the KPOP Alpha Males MLG match! Team Nichkhun is still going strong with just Team Jaejoong trailing behind at 2 points. Seems like Team G-Dragon and Team Leeteuk need to wake up and get back in this! Click the jump to view a visual report of the scores so far:

Red is G-Dragon.
Blue is Leeteuk.
Green is Nichkhun.
Purple is Jaejoong.
White is neutral players.

(Avg: Need 5 votes)



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go blue team!!! smile

Congrats guys! I’m sorry Leeteuk team :( Because of school I haven’t helped you :((((

Wow! Congrats Nichkhun Team!

Congratulations everyone! It was fun ^^

i’m sorry team jaejoong TT TT i let you guys down i was bad at the games ><” oh well it’s for fun only right? ^^” forgiveness?

Omona! I had the good choice! Nickhun wins1!!! Maybe because it’s his birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKCHUN OPPA!!! Congratulations to us!! :D

Yay! We won! \:D/ Thanks to those Khun fans who scored real high! @-) \:D/ But congrats to everyone, you played well too! Teukie, GD and Jaejoong I love the three of you too a lot. It was hard choosing. smile) >:D<

Goodjob Nichkhun team ^o^

YippiE!!!Good Job Nichkhun team!!

i hope there’ll be another 4 team competition soon - for the magnaes! :D

I still love JaeJoong<3
lol congrats Nichkhun team! :]

congrats to Nichkhun team! smile
oh well Jaejoong team didn’t score any point but it was fun ^^
good job guys smile

btw Hoc, is it a typo? “4th: Jaejoong - 1 point”. I thought Jaejoong didn’t get one? :D

Omgggg!!! Yaaaaay ~~~ ! Khunnie team wooon T___T So happy ~~~ !!! Good job Khunnie Team! and everyone who tried their best >_< Can’t wait to see Khunnie pin ^_______^

Congrates Team Nichkhun! That was fun and congrates to everybody that played it was a tough battle. Team Jaejoong forever! lol

congratulations team nichkhun!
you guys owned those games XD

Yay Congratz to Nichkhun team ^_______^
Everyone worked hard :D

@minimomu your score didn’t get throw out.. he just showed the top scores of each team and yours wasn’t the highest for your team ^^;

Congratulations Nickhun team xD

congratulations!!!Nichkhun won!!yay...V^_____^V

♥ to everyone that played so hard ^^

yeahhhhhhhhhhhh that’s Team Nickhun to you! Hwaiting! xP

my score for 25 boxes got thrown out? D:
i still slightly feel sad that it got thrown out >< cause i swear i didn’t cheat! i worked hard for that score!
but i guess if the cheat filter didn’t like it ... ):
not that it would’ve mattered though since i was only third there.
congrats team nichkhun~

congrats to Nickhun team!
gosh..Jaejoong’s 4th..T_T

Congratulations to NichKhun team!! I didn’t play too much ç-ç Feel sad for it <3 But congratulations to everybody!!!

i did my best so i’m happy smile congrats to all teams

Congrats team Nichkhun!!!!!!! and to all players!!!!!!!!

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