Just because f(x)’s Krystal and SNSD’s Jessica have been nominated many times for ‘Best siblings’ or ‘Best idol sisters’ etc., doesn’t change the fact that they have a love-hate relationship going too.

While they make a guest appearance on the June 16th episode of MBC ‘Radio Star’, MC Shin Jung Hwan asked Krystal the question, “Your sister once cried and said sorry on a program because of something she’s done to you. What was she sorry about?”

She then confessed, “Well, since we are sisters, we fought a lot before our debuts. It got to the point where she borrowed my money and clothes without my permission.”

Then MC Shin asked, “Do you guys have the same taste in style?” to which Krystal replied, “Now it’s really different. My sister likes luxurious, cute, lovely pink style while I like the down to earth style.”

It’s totally normal for siblings to fight (in fact, it’s NOT normal when they don’t..), so I’m glad Krystal came clean about it. No need to hide things like this and make themselves look ‘perfect’ all the time, don’t you think?


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Eh? It sounded like she just made herself look better than Jessica. That Jessica loves luxury and she is down to earth… Tsk. Do humble people really say they are down to earth? That doesn’t sound nice. It’s like as if she’s letting people compare them even more.

yeah both of them are so cute! I think those fights will make them much closer! the picture showing the both of them is very sweet smile

as to be expected since they are sisters.
borrowing clothes is just a part of the daily regimen of same-sex siblings.
esp when you borrow without letting them know LOL.
it’s nice that they’re okay now though (:
even though i’m sure they still get in little arguments every now and then.

It is a part of growing up when you have siblings.  Nothing unusual.  I am kind of glad that I don’t have any sisters though. smile

I love them both!!
Go Jung sisters!! <3

Their relationship is so sweet ~ ! and YES Sica really does like cutesy stuff >_< But then it suits her ... going off topic haha XD

that’s prove idols is human too.. it’s normal.. ^^

lol sounds like me and my sister
it just builds the love bonding between siblings into something stronger

yup siblings always fight some point in their lives lol.

Haha it’s true no siblings are perfect smile It’s nice to see Krystal and Jessica doing well smile

LOL. yes, i do fight a lot with my sisters, it’s normal~ xD

LOLOL. this makes me wanna have a sister. o_o

I totally see the difference in their styles.
No siblings are perfect. If they are then somethings VERY wrong.

They say that fighting makes a friendship stronger^^~
I love they still have this good relationship, though they both went
their own way, developing an own style. I still do think stealing money and clothes from your younger sister is a bit mean >< My little brother stole my money a long time ago after fighting too :/

Well~~ I do fight with my brother~~ but not like that… x-x’’ aish

Yes, I agree that it’s normal. xD

Fights are inevitable in a relationship especially when you’re siblings. Haha

haha, that’s perfectly normal and makes them more sisterly smile

oh everyone goes through this with their siblings!
but once you get older, you mature and stop fighting!
I think that’s why Jessica and Krystal are so close now ^^

Yea, not fighting with your sister over some stuff is not normal. x)
Fighting wiht your siblings actually make you closer or something sometimes.. ^^

lol :D having a sister myself, i’d say their situation is pretty normal :D

haha..they’re sweet siblings..^_^

thats so cute!! Jessica and Krystal. xD

I have a love-hate relationships with my sister too smile

Wow.. how un-updated am I? xD
I never knew they were sisters! ._.

normal for siblings to fight alright ^^

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