After more than two and a half years since the release of volume 3 in the U.S., TOKYOPOP will release Full Metal Panic! light novels volume 4 and 5 as one book on February 1, 2011. The book will cover the story arc called Ending Day by Day

This novel series by Shoji Gatou is what inspired the FMP! franchise. It spawned various hit manga (FMP! by Retsu Tateo, Σ (Sigma), Overload) and anime (FMP!, Fumoffu, Second Raid) series.

I was so happy when I heard this news. I have volumes 1 to 3 and I enjoyed reading them all. They were quick and easy to read (well, it is a light novel) and still provided me with a good cast of characters and story. I recommend reading it if you enjoyed the anime or manga. Hopefully more volumes will be released after this book.

Now, if only TOKYOPOP can bring back the Missing novel series by Gakuto Coda, I’d be one happy camper.