It’s too ordinary for ladies to wear makeup, why not apply some for the gentlemen? A common, hot trend these days in the Kpop industry is guy-liner — yep, 1cm thick!

The new smoky make-up style are now adopted by popular male idol groups like Big Bang, 2PM, BEAST, U-KISS. Recent care in the fashion and beauty have resulted in “grooming” idols and thicker make-up.

Big Bang’s T.O.P brought the popularity of the eyeliner among male idols by looking more bolder and stronger. While Big Bang were doing individual activities, 2PM, BEAST, MBLAQ, ZE:A and U-KISS also brought their own style of “bold eyeliner.” Singer Rain himself draw attention by sporting a bolder look with his dashing eyelashes.

We know that in dramas, actors focus on flashing their chocolate abs. Meanwhile for the artists, fans are won over by both the abs and thick eyeliner worn by the ‘Beastly Idols.’ For 3-4 minutes, the singers have to show off a strong performance, especially for the beastly idols who have become the trend for the entertainment business.

For male idols, their makeup is one of their attractive points. The old stereotype that “Men who wear makeup are indecent” is broken and now, ” Men also have the right to become beautiful.”

What do you think, Ningin? Is ‘guy-liner’ hot or not?


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Its cool

rain’s is.. not
but other wise HOT HOT HOT


of course hOT HOT HOT !

umm for me i think its sexy ohhh u-kiss i luv them wearing eye liner!!! nd t.o.p.!!!!

for me : it’s super hot! haha.. i like U-kiss and MBLAQ… they look wow!

HOT! ^o^

hmmm..i think..guy-liner not all guys suit with it..maybe it looks more hot or...but they are so hot..

HOT !!!

HOT!!!!! ^_^

Definitely hot.

Guy liner is definitely hot on any type of guy. Its when they put TOO much is when it looks a little odd.


Definitely a hot!
It’s looking so fine on Eunhyuk and Rain^^

i really have nothing against eyeliner and never did:)
Definitely hot^.^

For me,i think it just depend on the person. Different people has different style. smileIf it looks good,it looks good. smile

totally HOT on TOP! :D

I think it really depends on the guy. Some look good with it...some don’t (Bi’s creepy eyelashes just scare me ;_;) I think Jaejoong looks really good with eyeliner! *O*

it’s extremely hot- as long as it isn’t overdone, just enough to accent the eyes.
some idols go so far with the guyliner that even i would think twice about going out if i were to put that much on.

i think in moderation its okay like \g dragon looks fine with it and so do alot of the korean guys but some cant pull it off and others look down right scary to me

deniseisafan - 07/03/10 8:53 pm
eggy_O - 07/03/10 5:01 pm

Hot if done right & not excessive? -_-

i think eunhyuk’s guy-liner for bonamana was scary D:

D: I love Hyukkie’s ㅋㅋㅋ ^^

Depends on who, if it’s T.O.P from Big Bang...Oh hell,he doesn’t need any. LOL. He already has natural smoky eyes.

GDragon somehow rocks woman clothing and make-up. :$ Srsly. But yeah,I don’t like cat eyes on guys. That’s just yuck.

I HATE HOW THICK THE LIQUID EYELINER IS ON BEAST’S HYUN SEUNG. Ughhhhhh!! It brings out his feminine side,and that’s tooo much.AJ looks good in eyeliner.

RAIN LOOKS DIS-TASTEFUL IN FALSE EYELASHES. That pic is just hideous. It hurts me to say it cause I’m a HUGE fangirl. But yeah…

UKiss looks pretty good. 2PM is okaaay...:>
YEAP! Overall, it just depends on who is rocking the guy-liner. xD

eggy_O - 07/03/10 5:01 pm

Hot if done right & not excessive? -_-

i think eunhyuk’s guy-liner for bonamana was scary D:

APPROVEEE!!! hahaha!

i approve. haha love :]

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