Female Korean singer Son Dam Bi recently released the music video for her title track, “The Queen.” Well, it looks like those clever netizens have a wide range of interests, because many are pointing out some pretty blatant instances of plagiarism in the music video!

Several scenes of the music video have been said to very closely resemble scenes of a SyFy (formerly known as the SciFi channel) mini-series, called Alice, which aired in the United States last year. The comparison shots are shown above, with Dam Bi’s music video on the left and the Alice scenes on the right. Pledis was quick to make a statement, saying that, “We did not think this would start a plagiarism controversy. We will speak with the music video director who will then release an official statement.

Sorry, Pledis, but it looks like you’ve managed to do it again!

Source: allkpop