After having been hit with plagiarism accusations for her new music video, Son Dam Bi is getting more accusations now regarding the song for the music video, “The Queen.” If you were like me and noticed that “The Queen” sounded similar to another song that you may know, then keep reading to find out if you were right, because I sure was!

Hmm… That “talk-singing” sure does sound familiar. In fact, it sounds a lot like “Tik Tok” by American artist Ke$ha! Well, it looks like I’m not the only one that thought that, because many are now saying the same thing. In fact, the two songs sound so similar, that mash-ups of the two tracks turn out almost perfectly with a little tempo tweaking! Check out two mash-ups below:

Whether or not you think it’s plagiarism or not is up to you to decide. I think, however, that it’s pretty apparent that “influences” were definitely taken from Ke$ha (ex: “talk-singing”) and that the two songs definitely sound similar when you really listen close.

Do you think it’s plagiarism?

Source: omonatheydidnt