Universal Studios has released its box-office hit movie ‘Despicable Me’ about a week ago, and plans to dub the Korean version is underway. Two SNSD members, Taeyeon and Seohyun, were invited in the making of this version.

Although it has only been released for a short time, the movie beat out ‘Eclipse’ to become the current #1 hit. ‘Despicable Me’ is about a bad guy named Gru who wants to steal the moon as part of ambitious plans. He adopts three girls along the way as they plan a fantastic adventure and heartwarming 3D animation.

In Korea, SNSD’s Taeyeon is invited to dub the voice of the oldest adopted girl, who is wise and smart. In addition, the playful second oldest girl will be dubbed by member Seohyun. Along with this news, many Korean fans have been waiting for the movie to come out.

Source: Soshified via OMNTD

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Despicable Me!!! Yay so cool! ^^

awww yea snsd taeyeon mii favorite!!!!!!!!!

cool,i want to hear it

that’s good news ^__^

i really wanna see the dubbed version...i hope it will be good!!

I think Taeyeon is pretty look-a-like with that character right above her hehe in this pic hehe, can’t wait for the release of Despicable Me.
Prob. going to that movie too as it had such a high ranking at Rottentomatoes^^

cool! i hope their dubbed version will be good. i think their voices fits the characters smile

ndhaa - 07/15/10 5:52 am

I don’t really like dubbed movies but I wanna hear this one :D

Same n__n

nice :D they’re really suited for the role since they have baby voices especially Seohyun :D

Leader and maknae!
Sadly, I don’t understand Korean and am planning to watch the English version raspberry Would love to see how the girls do tho!
Thanks for sharing the news ^^

I don’t really like dubbed movies but I wanna hear this one :D

Wow they are actually dubbing it?
I hope it doesn’t sound weird XD

hahaha. that will be great.
wanna watch in korean version.

haha,i want to hear it xD
good luck for them~

Good for them. That’s awesome ^&^

i love this movie.
well trailer anywaysy

I wonder how it will come out..... It passed eclipse! Yay (:

omg i want to hear it
taeyeons silly voices xD

i really wanna hear it lol

i don’t like anything that’s dubbed too :|
but, hope they will dub well. lol

omo they’re going ti dubbed it? ohhh… goodluck to taeyeon unnie ^^

this was such a cute movie!
hope they make a good dubbed movie!

awww i want to hear their version even though i’ve heard that the english version is really good but it’s Tae and Seo raspberry

i don’t like anything that’s dubbed.. but if it’s them then maybe i can make an exception :D

ehhh I don’t like anything that was dubbed, but I am happy these two girls got the job! I am sure they’ll do a great job! congrats!

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