News spread that T-ara had big changes in store this year, and true to their words, T-ara’s camp has recently announced that the group would be adding a new member and switching the leader position around. Wanna know who?

Ryu Hwa Young (17) was announced as the new member and maknae of T-ara! The news was set to break on the July 23, but the power of speculation pressured their agency to just spill the beans right here and now. Along with a new member, T-ara’s Eunjung has stepped down as leader - too busy being an actress and all - leaving Boram (the short one) to be crowned as the new *HBIC.

Look out for the newly furnished T-ara to release a new album and stronger image later this year!

*Head B#tch In Charge


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LOL at HBIC. x]
Can’t wait! :D I wanna see the new maknae too…
T-ara hwaiting!

wondering when there comin back xD
so i can approve of the new girl :D

hmmm new memeber huh?  mmkay
well gl to them.

eunjung is a good leader :(
but i hope they can reach more popularity after the new member joined them smile

They should add the new member’s twin sister too :(
Why the change in leadership?I don’t think that’s necessary

lol @ HBIC xD
I dont think they need the new member
but whatever, I just hope the best for them ^^

weee. a new member!


LOL @ HBIC hahahahaha so funny!
this was so unexpected… -.- I don’t like them changing everything all of a sudden >___<

Wow Boram is the leader now? I wonder if she’ll be good =S
And a new member was added? Now it’s uneven >_<

im glad that BORAM can have more popularity. shes soooo shy!

That’s sad and good news at the same time ;____;
I thought Eunjung did a pretty good job as leader^^
I wish her best luck with her acting career and just as a member, hope the new member will fit in perfectly! I’m curious how she’ll do it on stage^^

New member was unexpected but hopefully she does well - maybe added to relieve tension or something
but aww I love Eunjung but true that she is busy lately so it was good to switch it to Boram [since it’s usually the oldest anyway]
nice news overall

New member? I don’t think that was even necessary -__-
And Boram’s leader now? woow..

I think that adding another member was unnecessary. I thought that they already had too many to start with. And why did they switch leaders all of a sudden? I don’t think that Boram would make a good leader.. If they wanted to switch leaders, I would rather have them switch to Soyeon because she seems like she would make a good leader.

Eunjunggggggg ;___;

IC3_K155 - 07/16/10 2:13 pm

I don’t know, I prefer Eunjung >_<

oh, don’t we all.

i don’t understand why they have to have a new member… i guess that there music will be the same ^^ and that is the most importuned thing for me

oh hope they keep on being awesome.

lol HBIC I like. Congrats to them then~ Hope they come out bombing.

pshh I don’t like the sound of this =_= They were great as they were and I liked Jiyeon being the youngest and I don’t really think Boram is HBIC type material ... I don’t know, I prefer Eunjung >_< They were awesome as they were! This kinda sucks ... lets hope Hwa Young will be ... wow ^^;

wow, I’m sorry, but for lacking any singing or dancing use, boram in no way, shape or form deserves the name HBIC. not at all. she’s the new leader, sure, but HBIC? CL is an HBIC. kahi is an HBIC. but boram? no. freaking. way. on the bright side, she’s definitely giving 4minute’s nam jihyun some competition in the race to become kpop’s most useless leader.

the changing leaders thing is gonna mess up t-ara’s dynamics for sure, but this hwayoung girl had better be useful, and actually have some singing talent.

wow actually I don’t know what I should say about this.. oh well, let’s see how she’ll do with the group smile

i liked when there was 6 member T-ara…
i love t-ara

but… lets see how this new girl is ....

Eunjung will always be leader in my heart ....

Oh wow- a new member AND new leader? That was surprising ^^

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