As you all probably know, 2NE1-member Park Bom has recently been going green! No, she’s not embracing the wonders of solar energy or bio-fuels; she’s been on an all-green diet for the past couple of months! After netizens raved about seeing some earlier results, Bom recently posted another picture on her me2day account showing off the results of her veggie diet!

The picture, which is shown above, is just Bom staring blankly into the distance. Fans from all over are commenting on how much weight the 2NE1 vocalist has lost and are praising her for her ability to lose weight and still look great!

Although the diet is known as the “lettuce diet,” I highly doubt that’s all she’s eating. Lettuce alone would leave your body extremely malnourished after a couple of days, so I assume she’s on a strictly vegetarian diet instead, which is much better for your health and weight. Either way, congratulations to her for embracing a healthier diet!

How do you think she looks now?

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that must have been really hard
but she looks good , looks way thinner

woa,she lost a lot of weight o__O
ehm..good job? lol

Its great that her diet works but i think i prefer puffy cheeked bom.

OMG!! Congrats Bom!! U really look slimmer!! smile

oh yeaahh. she looks tinnier! congrats bom! hehe

I still like Bom thin or not.. Anyway congrats to the success of her diet.. ^-^

still looks pretty ^__^

Wow, she looks thinner..XD

She looks prettier! :D

Wow, her lettuce diet is really successful!

oh well good luck to park bom unnie^^

she looks great ^^

i would tyr a diet.
but when i see delish food i mus teat it

imagine how much hardship bom went through

the real question is, will her face finally start moving normally?

dang… she lost so much weight… her face shape is a distinct V-shape...O___O
good job I guess? LOL

Pretty XD

aw she looks gorgeous! :D:D

Yes she is very pretty XD
She is so much thinner =O

She’s pretty!

She looks gorgeous hehe ^__^

she does look really good
must be so hard though

Looks like she lost a lot of weight >_< Her face is so much thinner! Well, at least she’s healthy ... I think ^^

Wow, she looks pretty good!

She looks great. I would wanna try a diet like that.. Hmmm.

wow she got really skinny :O

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