SNSD’s YoonA has had many comparisons to people who looks like her in the past due to rising popularity. However, this one will sure knock your socks off because Hong Kong actress Nora Miao really does looks like YoonA!

Recently, a hot topic has been posted on an Internet forum, “Yoona had acted in a movie with Bruce Lee?” and there are pictures and videos to prove how similar they look.

The popular Hong Kong actress is Nora Miao, born in Taiwan and is currently 58 years old. She had participated a lot of movies together with famous martial arts actor Bruce Lee back then, and all of these are well known.

In the video shared (The Way of The Dragon), there’s a scene that shows Nora Miao acting, which is being compared to Yoona. They look almost exactly alike and it shocked the netizens.

Netizens commented things like, “Wow~ They really look alike.I got shocked about it.”, “Not only the appearance,even the hand movements,body figure and etc are also alike,” etc.


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they look quite alike they also look like twins

There is some similarity.. but I can’t say they look alike D:

the similarity is shown when both pics are put beside each other..
and Yoona is prettier for sure..

I see it but then I don’t

they look alike~
but yoona is prettier xDD

hmm kinda similar… but i like yoona the best~

they really do look a like but i think Yonna is prettier~

at certain angles they do look shockingly the same… but Yoona is prettier (bias cause I love her)!

I think Nora Miao looks a bit like a fusion between Yoona and Hyelim, don’t ask me why hehe. But they do lookalike imo^^

They do look a like~~ I don’t know why~~ but I think Nora Miao is prettier UAHUAH

Yoona and Nora do resemble each other in eyes and lips. But other than that, both have their unique beauty. =)

they kinda look the same…
but yoona is prettier

yep, they do look alike.

maybe she is her long lost relative?! haha they look the same, seriously O__O

Not really the same,Yoona’s prettier! ^^


They do kinda look alike, maybe that’s why I always thought Yoona’s face kinda looks familiar because I’ve seen some Bruce Lee movies.. ^^

Bellamocha - 07/18/10 7:15 am

Yeah, the do favor...would like to see her now to see what Yoona will look like when she is older. lol…

Yes yes yes! \:D/ x)

i can’t see how they look alike

Yeah, the do favor...would like to see her now to see what Yoona will look like when she is older. lol…

wow yep they do..

wow they look alike but i tihnk yoona looks better especially hair wise xD

i dont think they look alike lol
but thats just my opinion xD

haha yea they look so much alike! But I think YoonA looks better ^____^

whoaa, they do look alike o__O
maybe they were separated at birth ? XD

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