I’ve officially become a fan of Cube Entertainment singer G.NA. Because of that, it’s unfortunate when things like this happen. What happened, you ask? Keep reading to find out!

On a recent episode of SBS Inkigayo, G.NA appeared for her debut performance on the show. Early in the performance (at around the :50 mark), she noticed that her microphone pack had become detached from her pants and was dangling from her. She quickly but discretely picked it up and held it in her left hand. After several attempts to try and reattach the device, she eventually gave up and continued holding it for the rest of the performance.

Upon leaving the stage, G.NA was reported to be seen crying, saying that she practice so hard for this performance and that she wanted it to be perfect. Netizens are showering her with support, saying that this incident shows just how professional and dedicated she is. Netizens have also commented on how well she handled the situation on stage. Check out the mishap below:

How do you think she handled the situation?

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I really like her!!!!!!! she still did well :D and Junhyung is sooo sweet to offer her his mic.... ^__^ G.NA Hwaiting!!!!!!!!

i think she did fine smile one of the boys should’ve helped her when jun hyung came, i think she was asking for help, but the boys were not paying attention :(

But she handled it so well!
At least she tried ;>
Cheer up GNA!

i think she handled it well
i love her song =D
G.NA Fighting!!

don’t worry G.NA! it’s okay! i still love ya~ xDD

I love her! <3

the show must go on.
good job on that.

I think she handled it very professionally ;D I didn’t even know her mic pack was hanging until TucTo pointed it out.

poor G.NA, i hope this doens’t happen again!

aww hope this doesn’t happen again!
I support you G.NA smile

so lucky =S
I think she did very well and executed it professionally XD

this better not happen again):

she poor g.na ):
i havent seen or heard her song yet but i want to (:
at least she didnt let a mic stop her perf ^^

Aww She shouldn’t have cried :x she pulled it off so well ! I didn’t even notice it when I watched the performance on live stream..
She handled to esituation really well >_< she should be proud of herself ~

I think she handled it very profesional, I didn’t even notice this accident when I first saw this video.^^ I can totally understand why she cried, I mean this ‘is’ her debut stage, which got to be perfect. Imo - this was still perfect! Lol@ the Sohee Omona’ ><

she handled it very professionally just like the netizens said :D
so G.NA dont worry~
its not like it wasnt you fault <3!
stay strong and work hard ^^

she handled it perfectly i think,im just glad she didnt fall or anything,there was no need for her to be so hard on herself&cry;:(

She did a great even though that happen. but things like that happens a lot so she shouldn’t put herself down. Fighting!!

she did a great job even that happened.smile fighting!

awwww poor girl but things like that happen and I really hope she doesnt put her self down because of it.

I think she handled it quite well.. no need to be so hard on yourself, G.NA… things like this happen all the time.. you can’t expect everything to go smoothly… O___O

when I watched it on streaming I didn’t notice it.. I did it only when I watched it again on Youtube.. it was unfortunate that it happened to her, on her debut stage! but she handled the situation so professionally!

there was nothing else she could do :O
good job G.NA!

Love her more <3 She handled it well. This will make her work harder for a perfect performance ^^

I think she did it professionally ... even though she didn’t manage to attach it back at least she carried on calmly with the perf so good job >_< She must be upset since it was her debut stage D; poor her ... HWAITING!

awwww poor thing T_T she practiced so hard.

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