I would say the first Ningin Captains match has been very successful. We had almost 100% participation of all the people who signed up. This means we’re going to do it again really soon. But you guys are probably more interested in the results. This was the closest MLG match yet - the first one to use a tiebreaker to determine the winner! Let’s see which Ningin Captain is the first to win in the inaugural match:

I’ll be doing things a little bit different this time and post the top 5 scores regardless of team.

Games List:
Square Squasher
[GB] eggy_O - 11092200
[TA] bunnysgobounce - 9160500
[TA] IC3_K155 - 9012000
[NN] lovefany - 7858100
[ND] Niecydc - 772440

This game was chosen by the Alpha Ninginers team. But this Ningin classic goes to eggy_O, Captain of Team Gummy Bears. They drew first blood and get 1 point.

Ninja Santa
[NN] Sunxiahine - 51305
[ND] juliaa - 49279
[GB] itztofu - 33211
[AN] SyndicateS2 - 24193
[NN] denzoid - 21128

Ninja Santa was the home game of Ninki Nanka. They picked wisely as they got the next point.

Ninja Cubes
[TA] conkwe - 6450
[AN] SyndicateS2 - 6230
[NN] ndhaa - 6120
[ND] itsatlex - 5930
[GB] SadFaise - 5920

The Autobots probably picked this game because conkwe requested it. She’s practically unbeatable in it. The Autobots gets a point here. Three way tie so far.

Snow Drift Racing
[AN] SyndicateS2 - 12282
[GB] eggy_O - 12318
[GB] SadFaise - 16844
[ND] jptyiu22 - 17037
[GB] feezah - 17681

I’ve gotten no less than a dozen PM’s and bug reports from this Team Gummy Bears game. Yes there’s a way to get 1000 points, but it’s an obvious bug that you can easily weed out. So the game stays in the tournament list. The competition here was extremely fierce but SyndicateS2 of Alpha Ninginers beat the Gummy Bears Captain here giving them a point. It’s only fitting that Alpha Ninginers beat Team Gummy Bears in their game as the Gummy Bears beat Alpha Ninginers in theirs, heh. 4-way tie now!

Metal Monster
[ND] Niecydc - 1082200
[AN] Rosey - 646300
[AN] Alteil - 337600
[GB] SadFaise - 299100
[AN] Bloobubbles - 245600

Niecydc is a rock star in this game, which is not coincidentally why this game was her pick. No one was even close to her score. 5 way tie after 5 games…

Body Invaders
[AN] SyndicateS2 - 150700
[TA] smilekyu - 150200
[TA] JefferyKuo - 146600
[TA] melvin_lovesWG - 145900
[GB] SadFaise - 135600

Now onto the games that I picked. Body Invaders was a recently added game. This is the first time we’re using it in a MLG match. SyndicateS2 wins here by just 500 points! Alpha Ninginers leads all by 1 point.

Meltdown (tiebreaker)
[ND] paperbunnies - 217
[GB] feezah - 206
[GB] eggy_O - 191
[GB] janiceloveshowxoxo - 190
[ND] deniseisafan - 186

Meltdown is classic on Ningin which most of you know by now. I use it as the tiebreaker because it’s not really possible to cheat in this game nor is it affected by slow computers or laggy browsers. paperbunnies of Ningin Disciples plays the hero here winning this game by a mere 11 points.

We have a two way tie between Alpha Ninginers and Ningin Disciples. Funny that the two leading teams have the name Ningin in their name! Anyway Meltdown was designated as the tiebreaker game so Ningin Disciples takes home the glory! This just goes to show how important it is to win the tiebreaker games when there’s so many teams.

Good job to everyone, it was one fierce battle!!

We’re going to do this again in a few weeks. I’ll post details about that in a few days. Captains, you might want to hang on to your players.

Team Ningin Disciples gets 100 EXP, a Ningin Captain pin, and 2 Auction Points. Team Captain, Niecydc, gets 5 Auction Points.

Everyone else who played gets 50 EXP. As they say, to the victor goes the spoils!

Upcoming matches: SNSD vs Super Junior, DBSK vs 2PM, and KPOP Male Maknaes.

New to Ningin? Our newbie guide will help bring you up to speed.

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congrats everyone!
you guys did a very good job..

Congratz Ningin Disciples >__<

Congrats ningin disciples!!

Congrats to everybody this was pretty hard...My poor santa kept dying from the ninja attacks.

yeah Team Ninki Nanka, we also tried our best! thanks for your participation, it was a fun match! smile
to Ningin Disciples, congrats! ^^

Congratulations team Ningin Disciples!

Haha, we tried Autobots! Dont worry about it, yall did a great job ^^
Congrats on the Victory Ningin Disciples!

COngratz team ningin disciples ;] it was a good match ;DD

congrats Team Ningin Disciples ^ ^

congrats Ningin Disciples :D

congrats!! woooh!

congrats guys :D


Congrats Ningin Disciples/Niecydc! This was a super tough match.
SyndicateS2 made me play Snow Drift Racing for hours on end =_=. Oh, those few milliseconds...but it all came down to Meltdown raspberry
This MLG was tense but fun; I look forward to others like it in the future!

oooh, congrats, everyone!

grats ningin disciples :D
good job autobots :3

Congrats guys!!!!!!!!

Congrats Ningin Disciples ^^

Congrats to the winning team! smile
I feel so bad for my team,just 500 points *sobs*

its definetely a fierce battle…
too bad team ALPHA lost to tiebrakers..
congrats to winning team..! :D

Congrats my fellow Ningin Disciples members!
Congratulations to our dear leader Niecydc!
Sorry I wasn’t able to get us a point, but very well done!!! :3
And also, great game all players ^^

It was a close fight indeed. Congrats to the winners! smile

congrats to the winners!!

Congrats to the winners and everyone else.  I enjoyed it…

Congrats to the winners..

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