Way back in March, a new nine-member girl group had SNSD fans a little uneasy. Well, the Nine Muses are back to show off their sexy and sophisticated look in the men’s magazine MAXIM! Keep reading to check out some hot shots!

Obviously having control over their modeling skills, the nine girls (Rana, Sera, Eunji, Lee Saem, Violet, Jaekyung, Binnie, Minha and Hyemi) are looking mighty fierce in their group shot (shown above). Check out individual shots for three of the members below:

So, now we all know these girls know how to work it, but can they sing and dance? We’ll see pretty soon, as the group is set to debut in early August!

Source: allkpop

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they look pretty, hopefully they also have talent

OH MY!! I need that Magazine!! XD

For a second I thought they were SNSD, lmao

The last girl looks a bit like Victoria^^
Hope they will just be as good as they look!
I hope Soshis won’t get fed up with this as they were also mad at After School’s adding up which would be 9 ><

If these girls have talent to go along with looks...MOVE OVER SNSD...sexy will trump girly anyday

I am hoping their hotness will correspond to talent~
Lookin fine, ladies wink

ehhhh they have hot bods, but I don’t think their singing skills are gonna be that great :/ but then again… you never know.. we’ll see I guess ^^;

OMG… they have nice bods… >____< HOT!

ohhh! sexy!

yeppuda. omo they’re oozing with hotness =)))))))

its nice ^^

They look really pretty!!

nine members! like snsd?
they ar epretty

ugh wow 3 idol girl groups with 9 members in them :/
im certainly not happy but im interested ~

wow~ they’re pretty :3
wanna see their debut~

oh, they’re pretty :D
looking forward to their debut ^^

Wooow they looks hot XD
and very pretty raspberry

Loll they’re so pretty (:
Can’t wait to see them debut~

oh so they’re not just a modeling group haha
that’s so random though...picking models to be in a singing/dancing group o.o

Oh wow ~ they look pretty & tanned in these photos LOL c:

another big group… i’m looking forward to that..

All of them look pretty, though I don’t know what the audience and netizens will think about this. I mean, they disagreed with After School adding one extra member with makes the amount to nine, well at least Soshis, and now there’s actually gonna be another 9members group that’s going to debut ><’’
Good luck to them^^

another girl group,eh? interesting.... wow.. supermodels.. I wonder if they can sing well.. LOL I hope they can or else netizens are gonna criticize them like crazy!! they don’t look so young either.. O___O hmmm

Hmm im all for new girl groups but why must they be so big -.-

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