After the release of their second Japanese single, “I My Me Mine,” 4minute has been pretty absent in the land of the rising sun. Well, it looks like the group has finally taken a break from promoting in South Korea and is moving across the pond to Japan!

The girls recently appeared on the Japanese music program Happy Music. They performed a shortened version of their Japanese song “I My Me Mine.”

Personally, I’m not really a big fan of this song. That on top of the awkward Japanese is kind of a killing point for me. I guess it’s nice that the group is getting some exposure overseas, but they really look worn out. Perhaps they should take a week off just to nap?

Either way, what do you think of the Japanese performance?

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eeeh wasnt really into the korean version and no difference with this one :/

Haha I noticed that too, mostly on Korean tv Hyuna is the one that’s mostly in the spotlights, but in Japan every member get equal screening time^^
I still prefer the Korean version though

their outfits are so bright for once xD
i like the korean version of i my me mine better though

i like jap ver as well

jap version.. erm a bit funny.. lol.. but i love this song.. its one of my favourites from the girls

cool performance,
love 4minute

looks just okei to me.

err, I think the jap vers sounds weird
maybe because I’m still not used to it
I hope they do well in japan~ ^^

awww cool ^^
I like this performance since it’s a peek of the ones to come when they are fully in Japan
and hot bg dancer is there too :DDD

On the up side, some of the members besides HyunA are getting lots of camera time. Yay.

I actually had this song stuck in my head the other day. Should I be worried? xD

the jap version sounds very weird.
but i love 4minute
thanks for sharing~

lol, has anyone even heard of happy music? does japan even know what their names are? otherwise, this is nothing other than a mediocre band on a mediocre tv show, rofl.

Perhaps they should take a week off just to nap?

no, perhaps they should take a week off to get jihyun and hyuna back to the training room, rofl.

i love 4minute
i hope they do well.

kya~! i love this version! i me my mine!!!

i my me mine ~
i loe this song but havent heard the jap version yet xD

wow! their performance is pretty powerful O:

not sure if they sang it live or lip sync-ed O___O
the performance was ok to me.. probably because I don’t really watch their Korean performances… haha

loved this performance!
They are so cool!

Whoa it’s cool that they have a Japanese performance behind them^^

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