On the recent episode of MBC TV’s Hot Brothers, the show took things a little too far when BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang underwent a ‘Don’t Get Worked Up Under Any Situation’ test. And by a little, I mean way out of line. FYI, racist humor was involved.

Kpop media outlets have apparently decided to hold off on this topic because they fear the wrath that will unfold between BEAST fans and those offended by this incident, but regardless of what people have to say, this is a subject important enough to talk about. Racist humor is no joke and this right here shows how a country very distinct from my own, still finds comedic value in stereotypes and prejudice behavior.

On the July 25 episode of MBC TV’s Hot Brothers, the cast was put under certain situations to get them worked up. In Ki Kwang’s case, he did an imaginary filming for a CF, where he painted his face to look like an African American (blackface) and ’filmed’ several takes as he embarrassingly tried to keep his composure. Watermelons were involved.

I know these boy band members and the cast are controlled by higher authorities, so I personally don’t blame Ki Kwang for this, at least not entirely. However, this is still very, very disappointing and painful to read about. This is widely televised ignorance. I mean, people are watching this on TV and it’s disturbing to know that some still find humor in racial stereotypes.

These are worldly issues right here and we have to put them out there so people understand how wrong this is. Whoever’s idea this was ought to be ashamed. As should the cast for following through.

What do you have to say about this? Are you disappointed - be it in Ki Kwang, the show, or Korea - for its racist humor?