After five years on hiatus from South Korea, the queen of KPOP will soon be making her return! BoA is coming to town! SM Entertainment recently released the music video for “Game,” one of the tracks set to be on her comeback album. Although this isn’t the comeback track, fans are getting uneasy about what this may be a prelude to.

As I type right now, I’m listening to what I consider BoA’s best song: “Girls On Top.” Why am I listening to it? Well, it’s because I was utterly taken aback by what this newly released song was. Expecting for SM to release a dance-infused pop track for one of the most talented Korean artists of our time, I instead find that BoA has been degraded by the terrors of autotune and superficial pop dancing. See what I mean below:

Hopeful fans (like myself) are praying that her official comeback track will be more along the lines of “Girls On Top,” but with a release like this, some are becoming worried as to what concept SM Entertainment is going to be pulling for BoA. I don’t know about you guys, but if BoA comes back with a song anything like this, I might consider turning my back on SM for awhile. The rest of her sixth album, Hurricane Venus, is set to it on August 2nd.

What do you think of the song?