The 18 year old trying-too-hard-to-sound-like-a-40-year-old singer Charice made her special appearance on Star King. She was featured on the show way back in the day and now has returned to show Korea some love.

The Star King episode featuring Charice has finally aired. It was one of the shows she was on before being noticed by Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey from the US. Since then, she’s debuted her solo album and has landed a role on the hit American show, Glee.

Here she is wailing, pimping out her album and doing that Mariah Carey flailing of the hands only divas do. Enjoy!

I’m worried about this girl’s vocal cords.


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That’s our Filipino pride, Charice! XD

i got goosebumps too, like you did XD

i just wished kyu was there too, so that they can have another duet, just like the first time XD
Charice hwaiting!

yehey! Charice! <3

weee. nice one.
u really made the pinoys proud.

2nd time around!

She’s such a really talented girl,.... wahh,.... pride of the Philippines,.. <3

I’m not really a fan of Charice, but of course I think she’s really talented in singing. :D I really envy her, I think she’s the luckiest girl ever. :(

I really like her voice ^^
amazing :D

yea she’s really good. she’s also famous abroad. but i actually dont like her i just listen to her songs that all[same situation justin bieber.i dont like him that much i just listen to his songs LOL]

she’s REALLY lucky! luna even cried omo! i actually got goosebumps when im watching this. my sister is even staring at me for my eyes are glued on my laptop. when im watching these videos,my hand isnt function for no reason haha. maybe im just amazed lol. yea i have to admit charice is indeed amazing.she’s uber lucky. LEETEUK AND YOUNGHWA HUGGED HER.AIGOo!!i envy her soooo much! younghwa even sang a song for her even though charice dont understand it keke~ she met my favorite kpop idols.omo envy much. shinee,fx,kanghodong,suju and cnblue are sooo amazed with her voice! they were like.. -wow-. omo i cant find the words to say haha smile)

welcome back charice!

woo charice ^^
glad shes back ~

Go charice

First off, the reason why Luna cried was because someone on the show told her that “she’s not good enough and should just stick to singing Korean songs.” When Charice found out about the incident (through the interpreter), she immediately came to Luna’s aid by comforting her…

Secondly, Charice is not “trying-too-hard-to-sound-like-a-40-year-old singer”.  She’s simply gifted with a powerful, rich, deep-toned voice.  Her voice can be ‘loosely’ classified as a ‘mezzo soprano’, which generally has a heavier, darker tone…

Thirdly, a singer of this caliber does not “wail”.  They ‘belt’—by taking their ‘chest voice’ up into their ‘head voice range’. 

And lastly, there is no reason to “worry about [someone’s] vocal cords” when it’s obvious that she’s using ‘proper technique’.  I reckon she knows way more about ‘saving her voice’ than some random blogger, and especially with the kind of instruction she gets today under David Foster and Erik Vetro (voice coach).

hahaha she is a really good singer!
Hope she does well in the future =)

Lol!! Leeteuk is so funny!! haha but I’m Proud of Charice! She is amazing. smile

go CHARICE! We are proud to you!

Charice is so amaaaaaaazing >__< As HoDong says UNBELIEBABLE!!! XDDD Charice totally beat Luna O__O She’s grown so much T^T

EVenthough i can’t understand Korean but OMG they are so funny.... I was laughing because of their facial expression and all

She’s really talented^^
She kinda reminds me of those 3 little kids of the Phillipines Who had these heavenly voices as well, who appeared on Star King too^^

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Why do all pinays have such beautiful voices? D:

Alteil - 07/24/10 1:02 pm

I was watching this just now actually. Haha.

I don’t think they should have compared Luna and Charice’s singing. I mean, they’ve got different styles when it comes to singing after all. And Luna crying in the end made me feel bad.. >_<

That was a sucky move on the show’s behalf. I’m not even going to lie, I’m not a fan of this girl. At least not of her singing. She needs to take it down a notch on the diva-songs. I know, she’s got this big voice, but what else does she bring to the table?

That duet with Sohyang was hot, though.

so much shivers from listening to her sing
and yonghwa’s face, his mouth was gaping wide

wow welcome back!!! she is grown up.. I still remember when she first came to the show and sang a duet with Kyuhyun <3

aww she seems so cool :]
I like her voice - kinda can’t wait to see her on Glee though

Alteil - 07/24/10 1:02 pm

I was watching this just now actually. Haha.

I don’t think they should have compared Luna and Charice’s singing. I mean, they’ve got different styles when it comes to singing after all. And Luna crying in the end made me feel bad.. >_<

My thoughts, exactly!

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