If I may interrupt your web surfing for a bit, please take a look at one of Ningin’s sister sites: HTCYou.com. I could just screenshot it for you but the layout of that site is wider than Ningin’s layout. That is going to be Ningin’s design in a few days (give or take a few days). It’s been quite awhile since we upgraded our design on Ningin. Launching 10 other sites in the past year tends to slow down stuff like that. In Ningin’s short 2+ years of existence we’ve gone through 7 design changes. This will be number 8 - for those keeping track at home. Read on for some of the changes and new features.

When we released version seven of our design, we didn’t have EXP , Games, or Newsstream yet. We also didn’t have other sites to include / feature. There wasn’t a such thing as a Facebook Like Button and Retweets were still very new or not created yet - can’t remember which. So one of the main goals was to add all of these in a seamless fashion.

Another important goal was to better organize all the content that we produce with our blogs and all the stories that we scan in our Newsstream. Not only will that make stories easier to find, but it’ll allow us to see trending topics and predict rising trends just like they do on Twitter. Our technology definitely puts us in a unique position to do this. Wouldn’t it be cool to see that on any given day, any given moment, these are the hottest topics in the Asian Entertainment world: Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, missA, etc. And not just randomly made up hot topics, but taken from actual stats of all the Asian websites from around the internet? For those that know our Fan Tags system, this is part of the vision we had when we created Fan Tags.

The redesign / site overhaul is a work in progress. Not everything is done yet. We’ll gradually shift each of our major sites to the new design and gradually update Newsstream, EXP, Blogs and Forums. For the most part these changes won’t affect your surfing of Ningin or any other site. When these upgrades are done, we’ll post an announcement listing the important changes.

Oh yea, there’s going to be tons of new features / changes coming soon and most importantly for you guys, lots more ways of scoring EXP.