News has circulated among Kpop fans that T-ara will be adding a new member as well as changing leadership, but that’s not all they’re going to comeback with.

On July 23rd, a representative told Star News, “With Ryu Hwayoung successfully joining in T-ara, a new album and new material will be released in September. The reborn T-ara will also have a brand new concept, so fans should be expecting something new.”

T-ara’s newest member is Ryu Hwayoung, a girl who is said to be tall and attractive. She is from Gwanju and is currently in high school. She has previously appeared in a beauty pageant this spring. Her twin sister, Ryu Hyoyoung will be debuting in the upcoming mixed (co-ed) nine-member group, and has gained massive attention and big hopes.

Meanwhile, T-ara members are busy with their individual schedules with Jiyeon’s horror film “Death Bell 2″ to premiere on July 28th; and Qri’s drama to air on August 7th on KBS 2TV, marking her official debut as an actress.

Source: Tiaradiadem via KBites