After coming back from the military, actor Chun Jung Myung managed to mesmerize many fans with his superb skills in the drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’. But when it comes to love, which SNSD members can mesmerize him?

On the July 26th episode of KBS 2TV ‘Yeoyumanman’, Chun Jung Myung talked about various subjects such as studying English and acting kiss scenes with Moon Geun Young.

When asked about his ideal type, he said, “I don’t have a particular ideal type but I like girls groups.” Then he was asked to pick any girl group member but Chun Jung Myung couldn’t seem to decide between SNSD’s Yoona and Taeyeon.

He revealed his reasoning, “Yoona is feminine and innocent while Taeyeon is cute and adorable. Since their charms are different, I like them both.”

Source: Soshified via KL

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every one loves yoona smile

Yoona is sure the ideal woman in everyone’s eyes nowadays in the kpop world^^
Though I agree with his explanation ><

He would look so cute with Taeyeon!!! >__<

it’s Yoona again.. if i was him, i chose Moon Geun Young.. hehe not because i dislike snsd, but i like her more…

omo.yoona again. leeteuk’s ideal girl is also yoona smile)

Aww, it must be so difficult for him. Haha. But can’t blame him. They do have unique beauty. xD

Yoona is innocent???....
He had a good choice

YoonA is more innocent though. Taeyeon is pretty!
Thanks for sharing~

haha so cute XD
I like yoonA better =P

i love taeyeon too xD
and yoona is not innocent raspberry

I don’t think Yoona is innocent lol
He chose the safe choice (:

LOLL not surprising, I thought he picked his ideal girls out of SNSD though not everyone xD

Yea not really that surprised that he picked them.
What about the others girls tho? Do they get picked for idea girl?

LOLL. Aw he’s so cutee I loved him in CS (:
but haha he chose the popular two XD

*sigh* once again YoonA, the safe choice. I LOLed so much when he sung “De Colores” on Cinderella’s Sister though XD he is so adorable

Choose taeyeon ^^

He likes them both? Can he do that? lol XD

yoona is so popularrrr?! aha

LOL he needs to choose one!!!!!!! can’t have both! XD

waaaah. Yoona again. hahaha.
but anyways, nice picking!

x4nder - 07/26/10 9:38 pm

yoona.. has been picked like..  how many times?? she’s like a magnet attracting every guy out there.. =)


Like a magnet indeed but then again she is so awesome it’s no that big of a surprise^.^

yoona.. has been picked like..  how many times?? she’s like a magnet attracting every guy out there.. =)


good choice. =) haha everyone loves them!

hmmm it seems to always be between those two. I can kind of understand but then again what about the other girls?

yoona is feminine and innocent? really? XD
to me she’s totally a choding! sooo funny lol that’s why she’s my favorite <3
but I agree with him that taeyeon is also adorable~

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