As promised, a new way to score EXP: rating blog posts! Across the network, you should be able to see a way to rate blog posts between the end of the post and the beginning of the comments. Rating a blog post is simple, click on the number of stars you think the article is worth. 1 star is the lowest. 5 is the highest. Judge the article based on the the quality of the writing and how much you liked the post, not how much you support the artist or whatever the subject of the post is about.

This will be added to Newsstream as well in a few days.

Since this is a new feature, we’re going to give DOUBLE EXP for doing this action. This will last for about 5 days so get rating!

(Avg: 4.85 - 47 votes)



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i am loving ningin more smile smile

yeay!!! this is soooo cool!

ohh! great!

cool, ningin gets better and better! :D

cool new feature! thanks for this smile

Cool! smile

Wow nice!
This seems like a fun feature XD

Yayy!! More ways to earn EXP. Thanks hoc!

omg so awesome ^^

thanks for this new feature smile

Great idea. Is there gonna be a ranking list to see what the highest, lowest, etc. rated blogs are? That would be interesting to see.

oh interesting new feature (: loving it

woah, nice~


Wow. smile thanks for this new feature

weee. nice!
thanks HOC!

lol this is cool! good idea =)

Thanks Hoc ^.^

Cool. Hehe. Thanks for this! smile

this is a really awesome addition and a great way for writers to get motivated ^_^

I do like this Hoc <3 haha~~ Great idea~~ ^^ Thank you for this!!
Ningin is awesome!!

Woah!! So cool!! haha I love this!! I always wanted to rate things on websites!!!Thanks!! I give you guys 5 stars!! smile

oooh how interesting!

awesomeness!!! thanks

5 stars for this amazing blog post haha ^^ Thanx Hoc ~~ ! ^^

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