SM Entertainment revealed earlier this summer that their nine-member group SNSD would be making a Japanese debut sometime near the end of the season. Well, it looks like the girls on right on schedule, because it’s just been revealed that the girls have been filming the Japanese music video for “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)!” Oh, did I mention it’s going to be in 3D?

The above photo was recently uploaded to Twitter, showing the girls sporting 3D glasses to see what they had just filmed. No word on a release date has been leaked yet, but I’m sure you can expect this baby to hit sometime next month!

So, you know what this means, right? It means that you need to go to your nearest theater and get yourself into a movie with 3D!! Why? To get the 3D glasses, of course! That aside, this is a pretty innovative thing that they’re doing. “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” was one of their better songs, and I’m glad they’re promoting it in Japan.

What do you think about 3D “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)?”

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Mine did let me keep mine as well hehe.
Too bad I don’t have a 3D television or so ;/
I’m so excited, can’t wait to see this!

x4nder - 07/26/10 9:45 pm

oh man… the cinemas here dont let us keep the 3D glasses after the movies!!!  how can i get 3D glasses then!?!? crap i’m so excited for this! cant imagine seeing the girls in 3D

Say what?? My theater lets me keep mine!! Lol.

whew. in 3D? sounds great. looking forward to it smile

Wow! They’re really making it to the next level! If only I can watch it in 3D too! xD Good luck to SNSD on their Japan promotions! =D

i can’t wait to see it!!

This sounds weird but I’m actually looking forward to this! ^^

woah,this must be awesome !
really looking forward for this ~~

This is going to be great… Next to 4 minute and ukiss doing mvs in 3D

can’t waaaait :D:D

that would be cool!

oh man… the cinemas here dont let us keep the 3D glasses after the movies!!!  how can i get 3D glasses then!?!? crap i’m so excited for this! cant imagine seeing the girls in 3D

oh my god. SNSD. Genie. in 3D. how awesome is this?!

I wanna see it!! I can’t wait until it comes out!! So excited!!

yes. can’t wait for it. this is my favorite song <3
but I’m a little worried about Yoona’s hair. did she cut and dyed again...?
anyway I’ll look foward to this~
and do 3D movie glasses work on regular screens? or I’ll have to buy a 3D television to watch this? LOL

must be hella interesting, can’t wait til it comes out.

I want to see it!! XD

whoaaa that’s really cool!!!! such an innovative idea!!!
I am gonna need to get a 3D glasses to watch the MV then LOL

tat is so cool! :D
i cant wait 2 watch it in 3D!!^^
everythin is startin 2 be in 3D now..

It’s soon, I can feel it! xD
SO excited for this!!!

Thanks for sharing the news! <3

they gonna pop out from da screen? very nice~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^.^ hehee~

woooow.. that’s soo cool!
It’s going to be a whole new experience,, watching that sing/dance in 3d XD

aww i can’t watch stuff in 3D D:
well hope they’re successful in japan anyways

wow in 3D *_* so this is what it was about, when there was news about SM working together with *insert company name* to do 3D stuffs for their artists..

omg hacky sack dance in 3D!! can’t wait to see it!! xD

I’m so excited for this!! omgg. 3d<3

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