Eun Hyuk may be the best dancer in Super Junior, but after a recent showdown with b-boy George Sampson, he realized his dancing just isn’t up to par. Thus, he’s decided to stop appearing on a couple reality shows to improve his craft.

On the latest episode of Star King, Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk announced he would take time off from appearing on the show, as well as Dream Team, to brush up on his dancing. The decision apparently came when b-boy George Sampson laid it down a little better than him on a dance off on Star King earlier this month.

Watch Eun Hyuk and George ‘freestyle’ to the same song below:

Who worked it out? For me, George Sampson won this round. Nothing against Eun Hyuk, but if you’s gonna incorporate a flip, best to be ready for the competition to flip it better. Work on those pops and locks, homeboy. See ya on the flip side, oh, and look out for Super Junior’s Super Show 3 in the near future!