Remember when Big Bang and 2NE1 made that “Lollipop” song for the LG Lollipop phone? Remember when you were dying to have one, but didn’t want to shell out the money for an international SIM-unlocked version? Well, if you’re with T-Mobile (or are willing to sign a new contract), then you’re in luck!

That’s right! The LG Lollipop has officially crossed over to the United States! As stated earlier, the phone is now available for purchase on the T-Mobile website. The U.S. version of the phone is known as the LG dLite and comes in “electric blue” and “bubblegum pink.” The description for the dLite is as follows: “Bring some sparkle to your life with the LG dLite. With its customizable external screen and fun sound effects, this phone will help you show off your personal style.

If you’re planning on buying the phone without signing a new contract, then it’s going to cost you $179.99. If you do choose to sign a new contract, however, then the phone costs only $49.99 after some rebates! T-Mobile is also offering plans where you can pay for your phone in four separate interest-free payments.

For purchasing options and phone specifications, click here (blue) or here (pink).

Anybody actually considering getting this?