The Applegirl doesn’t want to be known as just the Applegirl any longer! Korean artist Kim Yeo Hee released her debut single My Music a little while back and stunned fans with her powerful song and voice. In a recent interview with MAXIM, she discussed her feelings about the Applegirl nickname.

After having said that she would definitely want to become the spokesperson for the new iPhone 4, she quickly added that she doesn’t want to be be known as just the Applegirl any longer. Kim expressed that she wants to captivate her audiences and be known for her singing skills and not just for the iPhone music magic that made her famous.

She recently performed “My Music” on Inkigayo. You can check it out below:

*sigh* Yet another incredibly talented artist going under the radar… What ever happened to true musical artists being popular?

What do you think of Kim Yeo Hee?

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Kim Yeo Hee is such a talented person, I hope she’ll get off the ‘Apple Girl’ soon and can truly be recognized as her true self.

I really admire Kim Yeo Hee. She definitely got talent. I hope people don’t see her just as the “Applegirl” anymore..

ohhh.just bcoz of her videos ...

anyways,she’s skillful. im bad at piano :|

awww sucks that people only see her as the Applegirl.. hope she breaks out from that image soon! ^^;

SyndicateS2 - 07/27/10 5:06 am

Wow is she the spokesperson for the iPhone 4?
I didn’t know that XD
She’s really good =O

No, she’s just known as the Applegirl because of her YouTube videos. Just search for them and you’ll see!

I like how natural she looks...I love her boots too.  She sounds really good.  You are right...another good artist going under the radar once again.

I think she has good voice, I like it~
I hope she will get more attention because of her singing :D

Amazing voice!
Thanks for sharing!

nice voice she have!

i think she has a good voice
better than most singers nowadays

i think she really has an awesome voice!
i hope people will recognize her as kim yeo hee the singer and not as applegirl.

shes such a good singer
didnt know her before but ive really liked her singing ^^

ommo shes good~~ its the same with IU she was completely unknown for a while~ and younha and loads more its a shame when they are completely unknown T^T

hopefully people notices her and wow really? iphone4?

she’s really good!!!!!!!

Wow is she the spokesperson for the iPhone 4?
I didn’t know that XD
She’s really good =O

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